Pastels and Pops!

An outfit of the day post after really long!


Wore pastel over pastel over pastel to work today (that would be my top, trouser and shoes 😛 ) I simply love this simple boat neck top with delicate bead work all around its collar and sleeves. Because being sober and classy is just not in my blood I HAD to add some color to the outfit so I added this pretty bead necklace whose color was an darker shade of the lavendar of the top.


Yes, yes, when I smile…I SMILEEE. Hahaha!

While I personally thought my beads pretty much rocked the scene, some people *cough cough sister cough* felt the beads spoilt the whole look. Hellooo look how dull it looks without the necklace



What do you guys think of the look and about adding that sudden pop of color to be otherwise sober and sophisticated corporate attire?

16 thoughts on “Pastels and Pops!

  1. Awesome as ever – and I see those shoes!! Hehehe! ❤ and the necklace is lovely! Me LOVE NECKLACE! And that's a big thing, because I'm pretty earring mad, myself, but dat necklace tho…WOOO!


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