Random Rambling

I thought I should say hey to y’all since its been a while! So sit back and get ready to read a post filled with utterly random tidbits from my life! 😂

I at last watched the movie Gone Girl this weekend and the single best fitting adjective to describe the movie : W.E.I.R.D!


I mean…I really loved the acting, the beautifully different twists in the story line and even some characters…but the whole film as such – weird, the ending – weird, the way she is so hell bent on her psychotic goals in the beginning and somewhere down the line she losing her sense of purpose – weird. I have probably not evolved enough to wrap my head around such a complicated storyline, but whatever maybe the case, I didn’t come out of that theater feeling very thrilled with what I saw. On a completely different note however, Rosamund Pike, you beauty! 😍

Moving on, I recently splurged on this really cool set of water soluble pencil colors from staedtler.


And I have been going crazy using them. A sample if you must! 😝


So you just have to amateurishly scribble with the color pencil and then dab a wet brush over it to get a beautifully smooth water color texture.! Easy Peasy! 😍👏

Also, I was rummaging through my closet the other day, I figured I had this highly under-rated T-shirt. You know how comic T-shirts have been in vogue forever right? So this is a comic T-shirt too. It however isn’t the usual superman nor batman! Its not angry birds or minions! Its a cartoon of the happy but confused, loud but cheerful people and the general labyrinth of chaos so peculiar to my country India in general and my city Chennai in particular. 😍


It is such an easy to wear T-shirt and it is my go to when I’m going somewhere quick and I don’t have much time to think! Also, just looking at that T-shirt lifts my spirits! Doesn’t it? Wait check out the close up and decide for yourself!


I bought it off a small stall at the City Center mall in my city. Such Colorful! Much Wow! Ya? 😂😝
Have a fabulous week y’all! πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Random Rambling

  1. Those pencils look yummy and so does the work that they do! Amazing! Also, I find the print on the tee so nostalgic. It’s weird, I have never been to Chennai, still it feels all warm and fuzzy inside, I am reminded of Malgudi Days looking at that picture. Weird I know.

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    • Hehe thank you so much srishty. 😊 and omg comparing them with Malgudi Days was pretty spot on. After you put this thought in my head the picture looks so much lesser like Chennai and more like Malgudi. Hahaaa πŸ˜‚

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    • Thank you so much Lena. 😘😍 someone with such a refined taste liking such a hippie-like look is so sweet 😊
      And yes GoneGirl so thrilling and so taxing to watch..gosh. 😐


  2. I read the Gone Girl book and the ending there was no different in that it made me go , “Wait…WTF??…wait..”
    Her other books are good though, more well rounded.

    Welcome baaack!!


    • Omg ya..we are like…”alryt there’s more..there’s more”…and its like Ben Affleck was mid-sentence and they are like ok u can shut it now..let’s get the credits rolling. THE END!!!! What!?!? Hahaha
      I should try and read her other books then πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
      Thanks for stopping by!! 😍


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