Monday morning inspiration!


How’s that for some week beginning inspiration? 🙂
Here s a quote I came by and couldn’t let it pass;
Because the quote was so true;
Because I know for a fact that the person that stereotypes me the most is no one but myself;
Because you lose nothing by giving it a shot and you might be losing a life time worth happy memories and achievements by not.

Hope this quote inspires you enough to try something new and fun this week that you’ve been putting off saying “oh I can’t do that, that’s so not me!” 😀 because maybe, just maybe, that fun thing right there, is waiting to become so you, all you, just you 😉


Thought for the day!


The fact that I used to be among the top five ranks in my class never used to please my parents the way it should have. What actually pleased them was when I had outperformed my own previous performance. While I found this a bit annoying back then when all the other parents used to shower hugs and kisses to those other topper kids I now realize and am so proud that it was established to me at such a young age that one’s main competition is oneself! 🙂
Compete with yourself, ensure you are a better at work today than yesterday;
ensure you are better behaved with your family today than yesterday;
ensure you are a better person today than yesterday. 😀

Do it anyway!


This was one quote which blew me away the moment I read it a couple of years back. So much so that I know it by-heart now.
While mother Teresa was the embodiment of goodness, what she asks of us through this quote is not all that. We must learn to take that extra mile to be a bit more tolerant than we already are, a bit more selfless than we already are and accept people for what they already are, for your account is not with the people you deal with here, it all between you and God. 🙂
I know this is a pretty famous quote. But it impacts me every time I read it, especially the last line (gives me goosebumps every time) . Hope it does that to you too 🙂
Have a happy weekend!

Thought for the day


Came by this beautiful quote when I was browsing the net today. What made it even better? It comes from one of my favorite authors 🙂
True isn’t it? Think good, hear good, speak good and you ll automatically feel good and look good 🙂
Hope you guys are having a lovely week. I am 😀

Thought for the day – Curious?


I have often been the kids in pink in the poster..bored by the doubts and curiosity of others, sometimes even mocking the curious. But taking up chartered accountancy changed the way I have viewed many things and one of them is the ability, courage, and want to ask.

Ask, like your life depends on it
Ask, because it broadens the horizon of the asker and the asked
Ask, because no doubt is silly enough to go unasked
Ask, before its too late
Ask, because there is no such thing as too late
Ask, so that you can ask more
Ask, so that you can do the answering some day
Ask, because you will not know now, but someday you ll know it was worth it 🙂

I pledge to ask and be the curious one henceforth. Do you? 😀

Happy morning!


Yes! This thought is definitely the need of the hour for people like me! I have the tacky knack to worry about several things like work, love, studies, relationships at the same time and put myself and everyone around me in a bad mood.! 😦 Dint do that consciously for a couple of days though (already bragging about it to everyone I know 😛 ) and believe it or not we land ourselves in this dreamy orchard when we stop worrying and start living after all! 😀