Sustainable Silhouettes Ft. Arodhi

Over the course of this year I have consciously cut down accumulating clothes. Now many will think this isn’t a smart move for a “fashion blogger” because new clothes means new posts but for me the need to shift into sustainability was far greater than my love for blogging, OOTDs and making a statement. Besides, its surprising how happy you get, and the number of different outfits you think of, when you remove that constant need to update your wardrobe.

Going into sustainability and ethical fashion also meant one more thing, I no longer wanted to be associated with mass produced fast fashion brands. So, when Kirthana of Arodhi approached me for a collaboration I was thrilled because she and her brand have very similar ideals and principles as my blog and we were a perfect fit for each other! 😉

Arodhi is basically a fresh and a small start up by a recent NIFT graduate ~ Kirthana. She and her single tailor anna – Shabeer form the Arodhi team at the moment. She designs single pieces and takes orders on these designs and customizes them and Shabeer brings all her beautiful imagination to life with his impeccable tailoring.

Arodhi literally translates to fulfilling life through art! A design student at heart Kirthana truly fulfills her life and that of her customers with the beautiful silhouettes and patterns she creates for them!

When I asked how she would describe the clothes she made, Kirthana told me she saw Arodhi as a brand which makes garments which are trendy yet very simple and elegant. This is a conscious effort to ensure the women of this generation become ambassadors of our Indian traditional fabrics in styles they are most comfortable in.

It is beautiful that a young girl who has just launched her brand has such a clear beautiful vision about what her brand is and what it should stand for. I consider myself lucky to be getting to interact with such focused and confident women. 🙂

All clothes in Arodhi are made of organic fabrics which are hand painted/ hand dyed. Each piece is stitched specifically for a client and customized to their needs. The beauty of such small scale boutiques is that more often than not, they practice basic sustainability and ethical fashion without even trying too hard.

Arodhi however wants to take sustainable fashion to a whole new level and they practice it in the truest sense because one can always take back the garments stitched by them when they have had enough of wearing them and Arodhi recycles them into whole new outfits at a very marginal cost! It’s like having one piece of fabric which magically transforms into various pieces of clothing every once in a while! Now how fabulous is that? 😃

For showcasing their brand Kirthana sent me this beautiful cream unbleached natural jute dress. It is a pleated dress which has a very easy and relaxed silhouette. These breezy clothes are the kind I find myself levitating towards a lot these days. I think its an age thing. I no longer enjoy wearing figure hugging tshirts,  bodycons and jeans. Many people think these loose fitted clothes are not forgiving and they make one look rounder than normal. Just giving such outfits a try once will dispel such any doubts!

I kept the rest of the look very simple with a pair of golden mojaris and a violet clutch for a pop of color both of which I bought while aimlessly roaming the streets of Udaipur once upon a time.

I am thrilled I get to work with such young upcoming and yet tradionally rooted brands because of my blog. Hope you liked reading through this blog post. Do check out Arodhi on Facebook  and Instagram! Have a beautiful week ahead folks! ❤️

5 thoughts on “Sustainable Silhouettes Ft. Arodhi

  1. Shilpaaaa!!! I missed you and your blog so much!! Hope you are doing great in your life! And all I can say is THANKS FOR THIS BLOG!! Genuinely! This blog came at at the right time and I must say, it was much needed for me.
    Recently, I realized that I spend almost all my hard earned money on clothes and I am constantly trying to fit in in this blogging world and “trying to make a statement in this over crowded fashion blogging”. I have decided to not buy clothes (Except basic tees and jeans) just coz they are branded , as they are a) ridiculously expensive and b) i dont wear them more than 5 times(max) tbh.
    I am instead trying to get whatever I want to wear from my tailor and I love the whole process of searching for new fabrics and putting up an outfit for myself. Its so reasonable and cheap and i get to wear what I want as per my body type.
    And yes, to be very honest, the thought of,”Oh then what will I post about on my blogs? Will people be interested in watching my pics and reading my blogs? Will this be a correct move?”
    But then that one sentence from your blog- the need to shift into sustainability was far greater than my love for blogging, OOTDs and making a statement, was enough motivation I needed!
    Thanks and Lots of Love!
    Shahnaz! :*

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    • Shahnaz! I couldn’t get a reply later than this even if you tried but then better late than never right? 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH for your detailed, warm and involved comment. My heart filled with happiness when I read this and I cant believe I have not replied to you for this long. So Sorry! Hope your sustainability journey is going strong and it has not stopped you from blogging. I am so glad you could relate and you agree with all of what I said in that post. Thank you again! ❤

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      • Thanks Shilpa for replying. Yes I am trying hard and failing at times but that has not stopped me from taking up the sustainability route. 😀

        P.S- I am just so happy that you replied! 😀


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