Sisters Night Out!

Seeing the title, don’t get your hopes high. We are the most boring pair of sisters whose idea of crazy fun is going to a Vegetarian Italian restaurant in the city. XD FUN FUN FUN!
In our defense, the broccoli cheese ravioli and the pan fried mushroom starters there are to die for. So..yes. FUN FUN FUN!
It has been a while since I shopped so basically these days I’m digging into my closet and picking out long-forgotten pieces and trying to pair them right and make an outfit out of them.
So, in one such dig, I found these pair of bright (almost neon-y) peach crop pants. These were an impulse buy back in 2012 when color pants were ruling the roost and I have worn them exactly once (the day after I bought them to be precise). Guilt and the prospect of a new blog post made me try on these pants recently, and they fit just fine. However the color was an issue because as much as I love bright colors this was a bit too in-your-face bright for me, so I sobered it down with a plain black T-shirt. I must say this plain black Tee has become such a wardrobe staple for me. I should probably think of buying them in more shades because they go so well with pants and skirts! 🙂
Coming back, the black T-shirt did a good job of slightly toning down the peach pants and I was good to go! 🙂




I completed this look with this mad owl chain which I bought off the streets of Bombay look ago, a cross body bag which was almost the same shade as my pants (for some reason the color seems so different in photos) and my orange and green peeptoes 🙂

Normally this is where my post would have ended. However yesterday my sister asked me if she could share blog space with me and I was like HellYa!! :* ❤
My sister is five years younger than me. She is pursuing her mechanical engineering undergraduate degree in a college in my city. Just when I think her sense of style is too easy and laid back she churns out outfits which look so comfortable and yet so chic 🙂
So this was what she wore last night!




She wore a midnight blue with white stars blouse and paired it with these new formal tights she bought recently. They look very cool with gold zippers at the thighs and ankle. She shares shoe sizes with me so she wore one of my black heels to complete the look. Cute no? 😉

Well that brings me to the end of my post. Do tell me your thoughts on both the outfit. Have a happy lazy Sunday 🙂

Palazzo puh-lease-o!

Urgh I’m on a row with the title making part of my brain. 😛 Anyway, I have been very apprehensive about buying palazzo pants for sometime now because it was a trend I was having a constant love-hate relationship with. This is because I really envied tall leggy lasses strutting in palazzo pants everywhere while yours truly is short and do I put this delicately.. not so leggy or lassy. Hahaha..
But I recently saw one blogger, who told me she was also short, rock these pants and thus I gained confidence to buy one. And so I did, and so an outfit of the day post. 😀




I bought these beauties at FabIndia an amazing chain of stores in India.


Hahaha I swear to God this meme was already there on Google. So you can imagine what this store does to us Indians. What’s amazing about this store is that they adopt every trend in traditional Indian fabric to give it a Desi-Twist and all of us fall for it straight away 🙂

I ensured that they were extremely loose so that they looked almost like a long skirt (just in case I again start feeling palazzos are not my thing :/ )

I paired them with a plain black fitting t-shirt and wore my new violet pumps because…no reason…just because I love them 😛

What do you think about the look? Do tell me!

Just a Gesture!

For me a gesture is all that matters. However small and however simple it is that thoughtful gesture that truly counts.
I completed a year at work today and my friend Preeti (my blog’s official photographer too 🙂 ) being the thoughtful and sweet one that she always is surprised me with a gift.



A small extremely cute desk-clock. I was so touched, moved, and amazed by her gesture. The fact that this clock is so adorably cute and useful is ONLY an added bonus. What really mattered was how she remembered. How she took the trouble. How she did not think this wasn’t occasion enough to remember. Thank you.

Your kindness, warmth, practicality and maturity has been such a motivation for me since the day we met Preeti. A gesture was all it took and I was a happy-puppy all day long :D. You take on the world with that same smiling face as you’ve been doing for so many years. You are my inspiration.
I know this doesn’t suffice but a small gesture from my end for being so thoughtful. A wordcloud with all the words I associate you with. I Love you.


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! :)

Nothing short of feeling elated to have been nominated twice for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. 😀


I apologize profusely to Z of my favorite DeepBluesAndSeaFoamGreens for this delay in accepting this award. This award is more relatable to me than the other awards I have received on this Blogs because it is nothing about my blog but about the relationship I am having with this particularly lovely blogger. She is hilarious, charming, funny, cute and sensitive at the same time and I genuinely feel like she is my younger sister! I am happy I started blogging precisely because I get to meet people like her! 🙂 

Many thanks to the lovely ElloKelsey for my second and more recent nomination for this award. I absolutely love her blog and the fact that her dressing is her take on the description of famous fictional characters. I am too kicked about her Hunger Games series now 😀

The Rules of this Award:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site. – Done! 🙂

– Put the award logo on your blog. – Will be Done!!

– Answer the ten questions they have set you.

– Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

– Nominate ten people

Lets GO!

1) Cheese or crackers or cheese AND crackers?

Cheese AND crackers anyday! Haha

2) Favourite dessert?

Mint with chocolate chip ice cream! (Its 7.15 in the morning now and here I am already lusting about dessert! 😛 )

3) Favourite vegetable?


4) Flats or heels?

Heels! Heels! Heels!!

5) Milkshakes or smoothies?

Milkshakes! (Mango! haha)

6) Favourite flower?

Flower? specific flower actually…Im not a flower person! 

7) Tea or coffee? (this’ll be interesting!)

I write this post sipping my morning coffee if that answers that.

8) What song(s) are you listening to right now?…how do I say this…dont listen much to English songs. XD I m currently listening to some AR Rahman numbers from two films – Lekar Hum Diwana Dil and Highway. (Both Hindi!)

9) Lollipops?! You likey?

I like lollipops in the sense that if there is a lolli sitting fat in my fridge I would dig in immediately. But I wouldnt go and specifically buy one. (*thinking about the big swirling colorful lollipops at the moment :O )

10) Favourite TV show(s)?

Currently that would be suits, big bang, modern family. All time favorites, friends, full house 😛

Thank you for those short and sweet questions Z. Now to Ellesey’s questions 🙂

1) Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? 

From the blogs I follow, from people at work, people on the roads, actresses, here, there, everywhere..!

2) Describe your personal style?

Simple, easy, light, bright!

3) What is the one style item you can not live without?

Hmmm…I would say my accessories (easy does that, because that one word encompasses a wide range – earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles..Ta-daaa!!)

4) What is your favourite makeup brand?

I feel make-up wise illiterate every now and then and heres an occasion, haha.. I dont use many make up I m not sure.. however, I recently invested in a Colorbar red lipstick and a Revlon basic foundation, and Revlon it is!! 

5) Who is your celebrity style crush?

Halle Berry, Sonam Kapoor

6) What if your favourite fashion TV Show?

Fashion TV show? O.o whats that again? hahaha

7) What is your favourite food?

Anything with rice in it. Anything!!! *Biriyaanniii!*

8) If you could travel to any time period, where would it be? and why?

I would just sit right where I am now!! Because I genuinely believe the place I am in now is the best place to be !!

9) What is your dream vacation?

If you mean like a destination, it would be Seychelles and Maui (Hawaii)  

10) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

California, LA !

Thank you for those interesting questions Ellesey!

Ha! Feeling accomplished, now that a long pending post is done 🙂

I’m not nominating anyone ONLY because I recently nominated EVERY favorite blogger of mine for either the Leibster or the One lovely Blog Award and I don’t want them to be burdened with too many Award Posts..haha!! 

So Long Folks! ❤ Have a nice remaining-weekend!!! 🙂




Pastels and Pops!

An outfit of the day post after really long!


Wore pastel over pastel over pastel to work today (that would be my top, trouser and shoes 😛 ) I simply love this simple boat neck top with delicate bead work all around its collar and sleeves. Because being sober and classy is just not in my blood I HAD to add some color to the outfit so I added this pretty bead necklace whose color was an darker shade of the lavendar of the top.


Yes, yes, when I smile…I SMILEEE. Hahaha!

While I personally thought my beads pretty much rocked the scene, some people *cough cough sister cough* felt the beads spoilt the whole look. Hellooo look how dull it looks without the necklace



What do you guys think of the look and about adding that sudden pop of color to be otherwise sober and sophisticated corporate attire?

One Chambray, Three Ways!

I have been waiting for really long to get nice pictures of my ombre top to name this post “Of Ombres and Chambrays” and sound all sexy, but I just wasn’t getting the right look with my ombre blouse :P. So here I present to you “One chambray, three ways!!” I saw this chambray top at one of our Indian stores a while ago and bought it because it looked good (polka dots on chambray? Yes please!!) and the price was very reasonable. But once I started wearing it, I realized chambray redefined comfort especially in a hot city like mine! With no further ado, let’s go on with the looks!
Look 1: Chambray over crop pants



I simply loved this look for its sheer comfort because these pants I got from M&S are ones which you can sleep, live or party in forever! XD
Accessories: light blue large circular studs (love them), my tan crossbody bag, and nude platforms

Look 2 : Chambray as a jacket




This look was created just moments before rushing to work because the T-shirt was a bit too colorful and casual even for the “Casual Friday” at work. Doesn’t the chambray add so much definition to the look? And no guesses about the pant! 😛 what!?! They are that comfortable ok?
Accessories: gold button sized earrings and white heels.
Psst…this look was a success at work 😀

Look 3 : Denim on denim look




Because I was into sports and dance all my life (barring the last couple of years) I was never the slender legged petite beauty! Hence I’ve always shied away from fitting skirts or dresses. But this denim skirt, a hand me down from my cool aunt, was too inviting to pass! So I threw caution to the wind and went on with the look anyway 😀
Accessories: Light blue smaller studs and my favorite Nike running shoes. Oh those neon laces! ❤

So what do you think about these three looks? Which one is your favorite and what would you pair chambray with? 🙂 Do tell me ❤

Life through the lens – Challenge, Accepted!

So my favorite blogger Diana from mommy * 4 boys has started a drawing challenge series just for the fun and love of it. And I thought why not and decided to give it a shot!
The theme was fear. We had to either pick out a picture we have taken or create a drawing and show what we felt best depicted fear. I chose to draw because I can’t click posed photos (er…hands on flash? Check, hands on lens? Check) leave alone candid shots!
I’m really excited about this challenge and I kept it simple because this is the first time I’m pencil sketching.


The image I would like to assume is pretty self explanatory. I saw the image on google images and shamelessly copied it. Hence the picture of the original image too.


What do you think Diana? Linking your post back below so that you get to know of my entry!