Swirling Silhouette

I bunked work today because :
1. I can
2. I was sick ( if my boss finds out about my blog.)

So I was tingling with creativity because I saw this lovely video by heathers hobby and I couldn’t resist trying it out. And so I did. And so this post. And so some pictures!!! 😀




I thought silhouettes look better afar than close up and hence the various proximities. I was particular about trying this technique of color blending and gradual movements from one light color (yellow) to a darker color (red) and I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. That said, I’m always satisfied with what I do 😛 so it is for others to tell me how it looks 🙂
A Tuesday well spent relaxing and painting at home. Oh yes. Hope you guys had a hard and tough day at work. Bwahaha! >:D

14 thoughts on “Swirling Silhouette

    • Thank you. ❤ 🙂 you've heard that little logic about the left side of the brain being mathematicky and the right being creative? My right kinda ate my left up it seems 😛


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