Just Enjoy the Show!

“I’m just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle
I don’t know where to go I can’t do it alone I’ve tried
And I don’t know why
I’m just a little girl lost in the moment
I’m so scared but I don’t show it
I can’t figure it out
It’s bringing me down I know
I’ve got to let it go
And just enjoy the show”

Being stuck at a point in life where every door seem to be shutting on you is not a great feeling. But what makes one person the better man than the other in such a situation is patience.

They say the hardest part of “whatever happens, happens for a reason” is for the reason to come along and hit our faces! But we’ll wait all the same!

They say you can never run to God and demand “I want patience”. With a smile he will say remove the “I” because that’s ego, remove the “want”, because that’s desire and then all you have is “patience” which is all you wanted in the first place!

They say the longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate its worth when you get it. Because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for. So still we got to wait!

So let me learn to be patient. Let me learn that while to me it seems like I’m in a room full of closed doors there is probably a tunnel, the end of which opens to the most beautiful garden.! Patience! Let it go and learn to enjoy the show!

Sprightly Sunday Inspiration

I have always wanted to write. About incidents and events in my life. But there was one small hitch however! I never thought any event in my life has been so funny, or inspiring or just so dramatic for me to pen it down creatively. So I thought today to myself, “let me not go looking for stellar memories and moments in my life because that is just an excuse to postpone writing.”
So I decided to write short events once a week about a friend, a family member, an acquaintance, a stranger, whoever. Someone who in their own way has shown me some light, given my some hope, some inspiration to move on with life on a positive note. I just want to write and which better platform than my own blog to start with! I call this my Sprightly Sunday Inspiration segment (I spent exactly 0.1 seconds coining that segment name!)
Moving on to my story now!

Every time he told me “you don’t know what you would get if you just ask,” I would just scoff at him. Every time he told me “you don’t know your worth until you express your desire to find out,” I would mumble that I would try next time. Or pretend I didn’t hear that. Or tell him it’s easy for him to say without being in my situation.

Be it a doubt at school which I didn’t ask. Be it a drop back home request to a friend which I never asked. Be it authorities and responsibilities at work which I felt I’m entitled to which I didn’t ask. Be it anything. I just accepted. I wouldn’t say it never passed my head that I probably should speak up and stand for what’s mine. But hey! That involves work right? So I let that be and I let me be and the situation be and moved on.

My dad on the other hand always asked. He did not necessarily get what he asked for every time but the fact that he tried, remains. Coming from a large family which barely made ends meet has that impact on people I guess. Unless you wail for it you won’t be fed. (There is literally a proverb like that in my language. :))

I never noticed that he truly led by example when it came to this quality all these years. Tales about him fighting with his dad to go to a bigger town to do his higher studies in a big city because an Indian Institute of Technology was clearly better that an engineering college in his village fell on my deaf ears. Tales about him constantly tying to better himself through feedback and self-analysis went unnoticed. Even small things like tales about him getting better deals at bargain shops than us and ending up making great friends with the shopkeepers were brushed off as good luck. Last week however something happened which brought all this to perspective. So, my dad is a external consultant to a small valve making firm. A major valve exhibition happens at Dusseldorf, Germany every year and that’s like the spring-break hangout zone for all these valve engineers. So, one marketing dude from this valve making firm had been chosen by the MD to visit this exhibition. On knowing this, my dad, who loves such exhibitions merely because of the number of people and the technology he gets to meet, threw a long shot and sent a detailed e-mail to the MD of this firm. He listed down how his company has had such an upswing ever since he joined them and how he has been dedicating most of his time for this particular company and because of all this how he was equally eligible to visit this exhibition. After sending this mail he totally forgot about it because it definitely was a hundred-to-one type of shot he had taken. A couple of days later this MD calls my dad and says “what are you doing answering calls? Aren’t you busying yourself over the packing?”

How cool is that? So turns out, the MD realized how important it was that my dad goes and meets the prospective clients and customers and brings his technical knowledge to the table at this exhibition.

Had my dad not asked, the MD might or might not have realized what a good option it will be to send my dad. But would that realization happened on time? I doubt that!

So ask before it becomes late my friend. You’d rather have tried and failed than to have not tried at all and not known which way luck would have swayed.

Children’s Day!

November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. It was on this day in 1889 Jawaharlal Nehru an Indian freedom fighter was born. He loved kids. Hence 14th Nov was set aside to remember Pandit Nehru and his love for children.


Happy children’s day folks! Bring out the kid in you more often. The only kind of people I’m jealous about in life are kids. Their innocence, creativity, non-judgmental attitude is so precious and beautiful. If we stop our old brains from constantly ticking complex thoughts for all of a few moments everyday, and turn on the innocence, more than anyone around you, you will find that inner peace so refreshing! Have a beautiful weekend! 💖



Life is too short. It gets shorter because half the time we live to reach some particular eventful day in the near or distant future willing and praying that the days in between run by in a whirl. In the end, the eventful day/days come and go in a blur, the days leading to it run by blurrier and we move on to wishing for a next day many months/years later to come soon again spending the days in between pretty unhappily.

Phew…did those last couple of lines make sense? 😜 So basically what I’m saying is, we DONT live to appreciate the moment. We live to reach certain points in our life and when we actually reach that point I doubt we atleast take in that moment and feel happy rather than setting our next target hastily.

* Live for the moment. At least try. (Note to myself : DEFINITELY try!!!)
* Do what you love love what you do! Because that’s the only way you will love the present and want to live in it! (so now you know the expansion of my abbreviated title 😜)
* Live to achieve the things you love and you dream of! (Mom wants you to be an engineer and you want to take up arts? Arts it is! Be rebellious! ;))

What an interesting quote! And such a cute pictures too ! 😍:)

Thought for my day!


Sometimes you see a quote and you have that “whaaat” 😱 moment and you think the universe perhaps schemed into making you read that quote because it fits you like a pencil skirt? ( because glove was too mainstream for a fashion blogger 😜)
Well this quote did just that to me. My life at the moment is in such a chaos its not even funny. But this quote gives me a ray of hope.
– Maybe the my world functions better when things are chaotic.
– Maybe the chaos is the moat full of crocodile which I’ve to wade through to reach my castle.
– Maybe this chaos is to enable me to make wise-tough choices and stick by it.

Borrowing an idea from a friend’s blog I’m going to jot down a word cloud of my feelings and what I hope for. Sorry for the meaninglessness.

Chaotic – frustrating – I don’t care – irritating – hope – clear picture – too many things – what do I want – what do others want – peace – solace – I’m my best friend – do I need people – self sufficient – self reliant – confused – what the hell – god help me – prayers – things will fall in place – hope – love – time – hurdles – frustrating – what do I do – sensitive – emotional – want vs need – brain vs heart – fragile – hurt – hope – hope – hope….

What about some Mid-Week Inspiration!?!


Ha.! Fell in love with this quote the minute I saw it.

We all have our apprehensions about doing that little something we have “been meaning to” but are being chicken about actually doing it. Starting trouble they say.!

You think you have it in you to write well? You want to start a blog? Do it! I did!
You think you have some free time and you want to do something for the society? You want to join an NGO? Do it! I did!
You think you need a hobby to get out of work pressure? You think you might be quite artsy? Do it! I did!
Now how’s that for leading by example? 🙂

Notes to myself:
No enough time : its just a farce!
What would people say : honestly, why do you care?
You think you are doing all that you have been wanting to do : the answer is always “no not yet”. Never be content. Never settle. Challenge yourself to do it and to do it better every single time.

Mid week inspiration!



When I sang “count your many blessings name them one by one, then you will be surprised what the lord hath done” in my fifth grade I never understood the meaning of that verse in its truest sense. Now I’m older and wiser (?) and there is so much truth to that line which hits me each time I hum those lines. 🙂
I counted my blessings and today I’m thankful and grateful for –
– Who I am and what I’ve turned out to be.
– The family I’ve been blessed with
– Getting to work with the most wonderful people in my current job and the previous one.
– The lovely friends I’m surrounded with.
– The comfortable peaceful trouble free life I’ve been able to lead thanks to my parents again.
– The professional degree I was able to finish with flying colors
– The fact that I had the courage to start and sustain this blog 🙂
– (most importantly) falling head over heels in love with the most amazing, loving and caring guy in the world! 🙂

While I have counted and listed my major blessings I can at this very moment think of a million tiny everyday joys I’m happy and feel blessed about.
This is such a happy and positive vibe generating exercise which you guys must try 🙂 and maybe list down your blessings as comments on this post? 😀

Monday morning inspiration!


How’s that for some week beginning inspiration? 🙂
Here s a quote I came by and couldn’t let it pass;
Because the quote was so true;
Because I know for a fact that the person that stereotypes me the most is no one but myself;
Because you lose nothing by giving it a shot and you might be losing a life time worth happy memories and achievements by not.

Hope this quote inspires you enough to try something new and fun this week that you’ve been putting off saying “oh I can’t do that, that’s so not me!” 😀 because maybe, just maybe, that fun thing right there, is waiting to become so you, all you, just you 😉

Thought for the day!


The fact that I used to be among the top five ranks in my class never used to please my parents the way it should have. What actually pleased them was when I had outperformed my own previous performance. While I found this a bit annoying back then when all the other parents used to shower hugs and kisses to those other topper kids I now realize and am so proud that it was established to me at such a young age that one’s main competition is oneself! 🙂
Compete with yourself, ensure you are a better at work today than yesterday;
ensure you are better behaved with your family today than yesterday;
ensure you are a better person today than yesterday. 😀

Do it anyway!


This was one quote which blew me away the moment I read it a couple of years back. So much so that I know it by-heart now.
While mother Teresa was the embodiment of goodness, what she asks of us through this quote is not all that. We must learn to take that extra mile to be a bit more tolerant than we already are, a bit more selfless than we already are and accept people for what they already are, for your account is not with the people you deal with here, it all between you and God. 🙂
I know this is a pretty famous quote. But it impacts me every time I read it, especially the last line (gives me goosebumps every time) . Hope it does that to you too 🙂
Have a happy weekend!