Thought for my day!


Sometimes you see a quote and you have that “whaaat” 😱 moment and you think the universe perhaps schemed into making you read that quote because it fits you like a pencil skirt? ( because glove was too mainstream for a fashion blogger 😜)
Well this quote did just that to me. My life at the moment is in such a chaos its not even funny. But this quote gives me a ray of hope.
– Maybe the my world functions better when things are chaotic.
– Maybe the chaos is the moat full of crocodile which I’ve to wade through to reach my castle.
– Maybe this chaos is to enable me to make wise-tough choices and stick by it.

Borrowing an idea from a friend’s blog I’m going to jot down a word cloud of my feelings and what I hope for. Sorry for the meaninglessness.

Chaotic – frustrating – I don’t care – irritating – hope – clear picture – too many things – what do I want – what do others want – peace – solace – I’m my best friend – do I need people – self sufficient – self reliant – confused – what the hell – god help me – prayers – things will fall in place – hope – love – time – hurdles – frustrating – what do I do – sensitive – emotional – want vs need – brain vs heart – fragile – hurt – hope – hope – hope….

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