Straight from the Shoulder!

This weekend I’m teaching Idioms to the kids which the organization I volunteer at are associated with and that explains the reason for the idiomy title 🙄
(#funfacts : straight from the shoulder actually means being honest or frank 😝)
So, long long ago so long ago, a blogger friend had a post about a beautiful studded bag she had and I realized I had a similar backpack full of beautiful embroidery and I thought why not a post on that.!
Here it comes!!! 🎼🎶🎼



It is a black backpack with the flaps on the top and sides alone in white with a splash of colorful random but beautiful embroidery!


This bag is such a show stealer that I use it judiciously. When I’m dressed very well I give this bag the skip because it’s more likely that it will steal my thunder anyway 😜
Leaving you with some more images of the bag and the link to the site where I purchased it from 🙂



You can find this same bag here!

Have a nice weekend folks!

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