The one oh-i-cant-pull-it-off dress!

Don’t we all have that one dress which we buy with much gusto but never get the nerve to wear? Well this is that dress for me 😛 but I mustered up the courage to wear it in my vacation when we going to a high end mall. 😀


It is patterned like a skirt and blouse but it is actually a dress (or a frock as the pretty
fashionhuntress would call it 😀 ) It has blue and yellow aztec printed top and thin denim textured bottom. I decided to pair it with a gold linked chain and nude platform footwear. I tied my hair up into a french plait (yus I have a cool sister who can do cool updos with my nonexistent hair B-) )

How do you think I’ve pulled off my oh-i-cant-pull-it-off dress? Let me know 🙂

P.S. please don’t be harsh 😛

I will do an OOTD too :D

So, from sheepishly googling the expansion of OOTD to actually posting my own OOTD Ive come quite a distance in blogging dont you think? 😀


I recently picked up this off white top at a lifestyle sale. I loved it the minute I saw it because of its jeweled peter pan collar. I stowed it away to wear somewhere fancy.
This was the first top I decided to take on my vacation. I have never been a fan of color pants and I bought these pants on an impulse long ago. It has been sleeping rather peacefully for quite a while now :p . So I decided to pair this off white top with red because I thought it brought out the off white color and the look of the jeweled collar really well. I kept the rest of the look very simple with red studs and white pumps (not seen in this picture :/ )
What do you guys think of the look? Liked it? What color would you have paired them with? Do let me know 😀

Birthday post :D

No posts from me for a while now ..but hey hey hey here I am 🙂
Vacation + birthday + weekend now that’s a win-win situation (actually a win-win-win situation .. Ha ha)
So had an amazing birthday put together by my friends in Chennai and family here in Mumbai. Both of them had arranged for a cake each (one death by chocolate cake and one cadbury dairymilk silk cake to be specific >:D ) The cake cutting was followed by a surprise lunch get together oraganised by the mommy and my aunt. I was so excited I looked like The Joker (a maniacal smile stuck to my face) thanks to which I was quite a sight in all the photos :/ … Hey in my defense, it was my first surprise party okayyy!! 😀
Whoever said “You dont choose your family, they are god’s gift to you” also said “you dont get to choose your relatives, that’s why god created friends” 😀 and I sure seem to have the best of both worlds dont you think? 🙂



Vacaaatttiiiioooonnnnn :D

After nearly a year of working non stop its finally that time of the year where I get to pack my bags and have a whole week of fun 🙂

Off to Bombay tomorrow to visit my cousins and I’m pretty kicked about it 😀
Best part. Declared haughtily to my folks that I’m gonna travel extremely light so that I can splurge and come back extremely heavy and guess what? My mom and sister have already agreed upon this arrangement roughly two weeks ago  :/

Any thoughts on what i should specifically look to buy at Bombay? 🙂

Excciitttedddd 😀 Ya I get stressfully excited about vacations. Leaving you with a picture that describes me perfectly :’D


That’s me. Yaaah B-) :p

Thought for the day


Came by this beautiful quote when I was browsing the net today. What made it even better? It comes from one of my favorite authors 🙂
True isn’t it? Think good, hear good, speak good and you ll automatically feel good and look good 🙂
Hope you guys are having a lovely week. I am 😀

Biotique- BioPineapple Facewash- A review


There are those bestowed with good skin and those destined with bad skin, but a very few like me who are shoved with pathetic skin :/
So when I was whining this way to my cousin she introduced me to biotique and there has been no looking back since then.
Of all their products what worked wonders for me was the biotique pineapple face wash. I have acne and oily skin and this face wash retains the right amount of moisture and ensures the face is not shiny for a good three hours after use. It reduces acne too within about two weeks of continuous use. I use a small button sized portion once in the morning and once in the evening. If you have similar oily skin please do try it and tell me how it goes 🙂

P.S. : The biotique range of products as such is very good. To know more about their products and about which product suits your skin, take a look at their informative and interesting literature which is available in all department stores which stock biotique products and choose wisely 🙂

White-al Tan-talizer

The white shirt has become a staple in almost every wardrobe, guy and girl alike. But what is it paired with? A blue jean (yes the combination totally rocks) or formal black/grey pants.
Another great pairing with the white shirt are a pair of tan pants. What works for the look? Maybe the fact that its still taking baby steps to becoming a fashion staple unlike its cool black n white and black n blue cousins 😀
The combination is killer and it is good enough to even pass as formal wear to work 😉


You guys try this killer combination while I slink away looking for better titles for my forthcoming posts 😛 Chao 🙂