Keep kalm and wear kalamkari!

Happy Sunday folks πŸ™‚ Hope your weekend plans are up and on in full swing! So my tacky title says it all about my next staple fable. Its my undying love for this light, breezy and oh-so-comfy material which has made me an ardent worshipper of the beautiful kalamkari. For people living in tropical climates such as myself this material is such a relief.
Wear it as a kurta with a plain single colored bottom, or as a pyjama/palazzo (check them out here) or you can even decide to go kalamkari krazy like me and go in for kalamkari jackets like these :


You get these cool jackets and lots of other pretty awesome stuff at hands of india. (Pst…pst.. There is a sale going on on that website currently…hurry πŸ˜› )
Hope you enjoyed this kalamkari segment. Let the heat not get to you, keep kalm with kalamkari! πŸ˜€

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