Giving Back, its essential!

“Should you return your t-shirts back to your company?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“Because it says ‘Giving Back is essential’ on them”

That was the level of smartness of the kids I spent time with today 😀 . So as a CSR initiative of our company, a group of 20 of us got to interact it with a group of 50 kids from a nearby slum. And the result of this, PURE MAGIC! 🙂 It was so encouraging to see these kids being so informed and enthusiastic. And then there was me at that age, :


So a couple of friends and I did a presentation on health and hygiene (which they received quite well, except for the fact that they pointed out that

  1. We had grown our nails and painted them hideously
  2. We never seemed to be oiling and plaiting our hair
  3. Thank God there wasn’t a third! 😛 )

And then there were a couple of group activities like pot painting, and tower building out of straw to teach them the basic qualities of team work and having a strong foundation (education, family values, etc). And the day ended with lunch!

In total I felt it was a day well-spent and I sure hope the kids felt the same too 🙂


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