The one oh-i-cant-pull-it-off dress!

Don’t we all have that one dress which we buy with much gusto but never get the nerve to wear? Well this is that dress for me 😛 but I mustered up the courage to wear it in my vacation when we going to a high end mall. 😀


It is patterned like a skirt and blouse but it is actually a dress (or a frock as the pretty
fashionhuntress would call it 😀 ) It has blue and yellow aztec printed top and thin denim textured bottom. I decided to pair it with a gold linked chain and nude platform footwear. I tied my hair up into a french plait (yus I have a cool sister who can do cool updos with my nonexistent hair B-) )

How do you think I’ve pulled off my oh-i-cant-pull-it-off dress? Let me know 🙂

P.S. please don’t be harsh 😛

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