Bring on the bling :D

After a long vacation from work and a brief hiatus from blogging I’m back with my next fashion staple – “the gold chain”. I recently got this beautiful link gold chain from the US as a gift and it has quickly escalated to being very important person of my wardrobe. 😀
I am finding ways to wear it with any type of clothing. So much so that in my limited number of posts here it has already appeared twice 😛 . (See here and here)
It goes really well with formals


(That happened to be my OOTD too 😀 a vero moda blouse and a Marks and Spencers trousers 🙂 )
I simply loved pairing the chain with a casual top too.


And of course it goes pretty well with dresses as shown in my previous post.
One tip while selecting these chains is to ensure you know exactly the length you require them to be based on the usual depth of your neckline. Also, most chains come with adjustable lengths. So make sure you buy ones where such adjustments are possible.
Do you guys have such accessories which you pair madly with any type of dress? Do tell me 😀

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