Customised Sneakers – A DIY

Do you have a Pinterest board full of these beautiful hand painted sneakers which is all over the internet now? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Do you love doing DIYs as much as I do? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Are you randomly going through my blog because it popped up on your RSS feed? Then you’ve come to the right place (just kidding…but stay anyway please β€οΈπŸ™πŸ») 

So last week I had a day off and I decided to do something fun! 😍 And that’s how this customised sneakers idea was born 😊let’s jump right into the DIY! 

Things you’ll need 





Step 1 : Draw half circles using the coin throughout the shoe. You might want to imitate the design on one shoe more or less equally and similarly on the other shoe. Also decide right at this stage which are area which will have the design and which parts of the shoe are going to remain blank! 


I decided to have the design throughout the sides of my shoe and the flap inside and leave the top portion plain

Step 2 : Since my theme was watermelons I painted the half circles red. Since a lot of layers and coats are going to come above this red don’t worry if the paints or the borders are not too precise. 



Step 3 : Paint the background with any neutral or contrasting shade. I went for black. I decided not to paint the flaps inside to give it some black and white effect. Unfortunately I forgot to click pictures at this stage. 😟 

Step 4 : Add the detailing required to complete the watermelon. Draw a first outline with a dark sap green and the next outline with a sort of light minty green. Add the seeds inside. I went for white seeds because that stood out better than the black seeds! 

Step 5 : Allow the shoe to dry for sometime and touch up all the areas which require some perfecting and touching up. A second coat does make a significant difference! 


Note the difference between the previous image and this one! Magic of an extra coat!

Step 6: Lace it up and flaunt it like it’s nobody’s business! HAHA! 





Hope you’ll enjoyed this DIY! Please try it soon and tell me what you painted and how it went! 😍  

Swirling Silhouette

I bunked work today because :
1. I can
2. I was sick ( if my boss finds out about my blog.)

So I was tingling with creativity because I saw this lovely video by heathers hobby and I couldn’t resist trying it out. And so I did. And so this post. And so some pictures!!! πŸ˜€




I thought silhouettes look better afar than close up and hence the various proximities. I was particular about trying this technique of color blending and gradual movements from one light color (yellow) to a darker color (red) and I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. That said, I’m always satisfied with what I do πŸ˜› so it is for others to tell me how it looks πŸ™‚
A Tuesday well spent relaxing and painting at home. Oh yes. Hope you guys had a hard and tough day at work. Bwahaha! >:D

Can’t stop gushing :D

So, it is my close friend’s birthday so guess who smartly turned her new found hobby successfully into a personalized gifting idea? Yah thaaaats me! πŸ˜€
Sat twelve hours and made this piece of painting which I personally feel is the happiest most colorful and toughest paintings I’ve attempted so far. Say hey to awesomeness! πŸ˜€



So, the basic idea I flicked as usual from pinterest and gave my personal touches to it. Used acrylic as always to paint on canvas. Love canvas and acrylic because they are the easiest things to work over if you make mistakes. So that works pretty well for clumsy people like me. :/ (dropped little paint on it once..and the paint brush full of wet paint once. So…er..ya. Clumsy..that’s me)
I hope my friend loves this painting as much as I loved doing it for her. Fingers crossed. X!

Rant of a pissed off blogger!

For the first month I decided I’ll tell no one about my blog. “Why should I”, I thought. I dint think I was doing anything worthwhile and more so dint think I can really sustain this blogging habit. So in order to not lose face incase I decide blogging isn’t my cup of tea, I told no one. But me being me, the blabbermouth, I could contain myself no more and told four of my very close friends about this blog of mine around two weeks ago. While two friends ( let’s call them A and B) were so happy and genuinely excited for me, to the extent that they subscribed to follow my posts and told me what they felt about each post, the third friend, C, whom I’m actually the closest with, reacted so wierdly that I was kind of taken aback. She said she read every post but had nothing to say about them. Also, when in her presence, if A or B spoke anything about my blog she turned a deaf ear to the whole conversation. And then there is this friend D, the last friend to whom I opened up about this blog. She seemed pretty happy about it and told me to send the link “whenever I pleased” and spoke about the whole process of reading my blog like she was doing me a favor.
I dont know what was the cause for this “couldn’t-care-less” attitude by friends I consider closest and though I think about it in a sad way sometimes I dont want it to actually affect me. This is my blog and I get so much excitement preparing for each post, carefully wording them and get equal pleasure interacting with strangers (who I’m happening to like a lot more than some friends lately) in their respective blogs.
Are those friends jealous that I’m doing something I love? Im not a very bad friend you know..I mean..I am always at their side willing to share their happy and testing moments with them. I am a pretty good listener and when they have issues I dont forget to follow up and help them resolving them in whatever small ways I can. Then why are they being so insensitive? Why are they being so immature and petty?
However this incident may or may not have affected me, it has made one thing very clear, that my initial decision about me telling no one about my blog was the right choice. I want this to be my happy place. Where I don’t want to think what others may think. Where I don’t have to behave in a particular sane manner in order to keep everyone happy.

Before you get tired of my constant cribbing let me show you the last of my DIY canvas painting projects which I completed successfully over the weekend πŸ˜€ Tell me what you think πŸ˜€


P.S.: For the record, (yes more groaning!) this friend C reacted in that exact same I-dont-give-a-f#$% sort of way when I told her about my painting hobby too :/ Yup weird.!!!
Thanks for patiently reading my complaints. What or how do you think I should react? Help!!! 😐 

Whale, whale, what have we here?


Funny pun-ny titles and I are in a on-again off-again relationship, aren’t we? πŸ˜€
So, I’ve recently taken to painting like an ant to sweet candy and boy am I enjoying myself. Trust me, they weren’t kidding when they said painting is such a stress buster. I have started painting on canvas using acrylic paints. Apart from the above three-part whale, the other one I’ve done is this.


I love the way these paintings are turning out. Waiting for Sunday to start the main big DIY project inspired by which and warming up for which I’ve been painting all these small pictures.
Come soon Sunday. ❀