LookBook Series : Tan Bag Look #2 High-Teas and Haughty 

Welcome back guys! It’s that time of the week again and while it’s like any other awful Monday for people like me, I know it must be a god-awful Monday for my readers from the West after their super long weekend and all! And for that, I’m truly happy! Huhuhu 😈😈

So for today’s post, while I have tried to keep my tan bag the centre of attraction, I can’t deny the fact that there is one other piece which kinda grabs the spotlight and that my friends is this gorgeous dress!  

shiny shiny beacuse Im sweaty sweaty!

This is a dress I bought from Eshakti ages ago. Now picture this! This beauty has been sleeping in the wardrobe of a fashion blogger for close to 7 months now – unworn, untouched – could there be a worse plight for a dress? Nah.

I thought the embroidery of the dress would beautifully bring out the lace detailing on the bag but what it ended up doing in afraid is stealing the spotlight for itself. Cheeky cheeky CHEEKYYY! 

This dress in my opinion screams sophistication and hence that title for this post 👻   








Fit and flare dresses are really the rage now. And the best part about them is that they do justice to the not so petite ones (like ahem ahem me) by cinching at the waist and the really petite ones by flailing below the waist beautifully! Hope this blog motivated you to think about buying that fit and flare that has been lawling about in your online shopping cart for way too long! 😆

I learned about Eshakti through blog posts of other American bloggers and I decided to visit that site strictly for “window shopping” 😂 but their amazing collection and their beautiful idea of customising every aspect of the dress just got to me. I was lucky because I had someone coming down to India from the States at this same time and so I asked them to bring it 😁😁 so it’s basically an Indian brand even having a branch office of sorts in chennai (my city) shipping their products from Gurgaon (another city in my country) to the U.S. (Not my country) from where I got it to chennai through a friend. WHY YOU NO OPEN IN INDIA Eshakti?? 😔

Outfit details : Dress – eshakti.com, Bag – Bags by Anqi (Instagram), Watch – Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes – Westside 

That would be all from me folks! Do you have your perfect fit and flare dress and the perfect tan bag to go with it? Tell me what you think! Have a great week ahead! Stay happy stay sassy!  âœ¨â¤ï¸âœ¨

P.S while I thank everyone who readily agree to click pictures of me right after I awkwardly request them to, it’s my sister who has been constantly clicking my looks when I’ve got no one else to do it and strangely I’ve never gotten around to thanking her!! Thank you so much Anukutty (embarrassed? 😈) half my posts wouldn’t have gone up if it weren’t for you!  ðŸ³ðŸ³ðŸ³