Reason for the lull

So I’m down with the worst bout of flu. I sound as raspy as Darth Vader and look just as atrocious too 😐
Now that you guys know the reason for that lull, let’s move on to the reason I started writing this post.! I have for a few days now been seeing so many bloggers do beautiful things with paint and colours which kind of got me thinking whether I’m capable at all of drawing or painting anything beyond the stick figures, the two hills with a stream flowing in front of them and the sun rising between them and probably the smiley faces I usually do (yes, I can do a fairly decent job of drawing most whatsapp Smileys. Oh yes, I’ve tried 😛 )
So, being very inspired, I started checking out pinterest and the internet in general for easy painting DIYs and came by a rather simple design, went to the stationary store opposite my house and bought all the colors, canvas and brushes with much gusto and sat to paint what I thought would be a debacle!
With so much negativity at the very beginning, the only way you can go is up and up is where i went because at the end of a good one and half hours, I thought I did a pretty darn good job of the whole painting. Attaching the picture of the completed painting. Please tell me what you think 🙂


P.S. : I’m not attaching a picture of the original painting I saw on pinterest for a reason 😛 haha!

Birthday post :D

No posts from me for a while now ..but hey hey hey here I am 🙂
Vacation + birthday + weekend now that’s a win-win situation (actually a win-win-win situation .. Ha ha)
So had an amazing birthday put together by my friends in Chennai and family here in Mumbai. Both of them had arranged for a cake each (one death by chocolate cake and one cadbury dairymilk silk cake to be specific >:D ) The cake cutting was followed by a surprise lunch get together oraganised by the mommy and my aunt. I was so excited I looked like The Joker (a maniacal smile stuck to my face) thanks to which I was quite a sight in all the photos :/ … Hey in my defense, it was my first surprise party okayyy!! 😀
Whoever said “You dont choose your family, they are god’s gift to you” also said “you dont get to choose your relatives, that’s why god created friends” 😀 and I sure seem to have the best of both worlds dont you think? 🙂



Vacaaatttiiiioooonnnnn :D

After nearly a year of working non stop its finally that time of the year where I get to pack my bags and have a whole week of fun 🙂

Off to Bombay tomorrow to visit my cousins and I’m pretty kicked about it 😀
Best part. Declared haughtily to my folks that I’m gonna travel extremely light so that I can splurge and come back extremely heavy and guess what? My mom and sister have already agreed upon this arrangement roughly two weeks ago  :/

Any thoughts on what i should specifically look to buy at Bombay? 🙂

Excciitttedddd 😀 Ya I get stressfully excited about vacations. Leaving you with a picture that describes me perfectly :’D


That’s me. Yaaah B-) :p