One more award? Hell YA!! :D

Hi folks!


I’m so excited about the fact that I got nominated for a second award and that’s not even the best part. I got nominated by a blogger whom I look up to because she is so versatile in her writing and reading her blog is such an inspiration in itself. Thank you for nominating me for the “One Lovely Blog” award 😀

These are the few rules to be fulfilled to accept this award.
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award. – Done that 🙂 
2. Display the One Lovely Blog Award on your blog.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire, and let them know by commenting on their blog.

7 Randomly crazy things about me. Here goes!

1. I am not a tomboy per say, but I am so at home and comfortable hanging out with guys. Guys are better friends and chilled out to be with than so many girls I know 😛 that said, I have some amazing girl pals too..but still!!

2. I was quite weird as a kid. When kids my age wanted to become Doctors, Engineers and Scientists, I seemed pretty chilled out wanting to become an interior designer. I still think that’s the Coolest profession, but who would say they want to become one when they are 7 years old? 😛

3. I’m a morning person through and through. I can get up at even three in the morning but cant stay awake beyond 11 at night!

4. My dream honeymoon destination is Seychelles. I mean have you seen their beaches and resorts?? *Hear hear my prospective groom* 😛

5. I am quite the irritatingly animated talker you would meet. People say even if they mute me, they might understand more or less what I’m rambling about with just my expressions. Eyes and hands!

6. I have come to realize that more than writing my posts I’m liking reading others’ posts and commenting and interacting with them a tad bit more. Mind you, I’m pretty socially awkward person who never likes making the first move in real life but here I’m having no qualms making new friends. Yes blogging my-thing yo! LoL!

7. I’m pretty good at putting myself in others’ shoes and seeing situations from their perspective and I’m proud that I can do that. Feel like that makes me a better person 🙂

Well that’s that! Hope you enjoyed reading my quirks and facts! And now for my nominations. For a change, I’m not going to nominate 15 people. I’m going to restrict myself to 8 blogs I love reading the most.

1. I know this is weird, but yes. I return this nomination back to the one who nominated me just because I think she s great at what she does and I seldom scroll down the page without reading her new posts. So here you go

2. I recently came across this blog and I loving this blog and this blogger to bits. I love you talking-writing-ranting style. And it seems like I’ve known you for long. Funnily we met just two posts back. 😀 Lol.

3. is another blog I’ve come to love. I fell in love with you and your short stories. I know you’ve got nominated for many such awards, but this is my small way of saying you are awesome. 🙂

4. this girl is all about style and I love that 🙂 You rock!

5. One more blog which talks about this bloggers everyday woes but in such a nice way. , your follower stats shows what an amazing writer you are 😀

6. This is the second time I’m nominating her, but I don’t care. I really look forward to reading her posts and her sense of style and her neat dressing sense is something I haven’t seen anyone else achieve. That’s for you 😀

7. At the cost of being repetitive, this is one more blogger who gets attires and entire looks so right. And her fashion and shopping tips she gives at the end of each post are unbelievably bang on! 😀 I’m your fan!!! 😀

8. Well, reserving the best nomination for the last is my thing, so my favorite-est blogger for reasons more than one 😉 is . I think shes cute, smart and such an inspiring fashionista. I love your writing style and your easy and comfortable fashion sense ❤

Thank you for patiently reading this post. Once again thank you for the nomination! 🙂 In case you guys are not already following these blogs, please do so before you miss their amazing future posts. 😀 Have a nice weekend ❤