Children’s Day!

November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. It was on this day in 1889 Jawaharlal Nehru an Indian freedom fighter was born. He loved kids. Hence 14th Nov was set aside to remember Pandit Nehru and his love for children.


Happy children’s day folks! Bring out the kid in you more often. The only kind of people I’m jealous about in life are kids. Their innocence, creativity, non-judgmental attitude is so precious and beautiful. If we stop our old brains from constantly ticking complex thoughts for all of a few moments everyday, and turn on the innocence, more than anyone around you, you will find that inner peace so refreshing! Have a beautiful weekend! 💖



Life is too short. It gets shorter because half the time we live to reach some particular eventful day in the near or distant future willing and praying that the days in between run by in a whirl. In the end, the eventful day/days come and go in a blur, the days leading to it run by blurrier and we move on to wishing for a next day many months/years later to come soon again spending the days in between pretty unhappily.

Phew…did those last couple of lines make sense? 😜 So basically what I’m saying is, we DONT live to appreciate the moment. We live to reach certain points in our life and when we actually reach that point I doubt we atleast take in that moment and feel happy rather than setting our next target hastily.

* Live for the moment. At least try. (Note to myself : DEFINITELY try!!!)
* Do what you love love what you do! Because that’s the only way you will love the present and want to live in it! (so now you know the expansion of my abbreviated title 😜)
* Live to achieve the things you love and you dream of! (Mom wants you to be an engineer and you want to take up arts? Arts it is! Be rebellious! ;))

What an interesting quote! And such a cute pictures too ! 😍:)