Random Rambling

I thought I should say hey to y’all since its been a while! So sit back and get ready to read a post filled with utterly random tidbits from my life! 😂

I at last watched the movie Gone Girl this weekend and the single best fitting adjective to describe the movie : W.E.I.R.D!


I mean…I really loved the acting, the beautifully different twists in the story line and even some characters…but the whole film as such – weird, the ending – weird, the way she is so hell bent on her psychotic goals in the beginning and somewhere down the line she losing her sense of purpose – weird. I have probably not evolved enough to wrap my head around such a complicated storyline, but whatever maybe the case, I didn’t come out of that theater feeling very thrilled with what I saw. On a completely different note however, Rosamund Pike, you beauty! 😍

Moving on, I recently splurged on this really cool set of water soluble pencil colors from staedtler.


And I have been going crazy using them. A sample if you must! 😝


So you just have to amateurishly scribble with the color pencil and then dab a wet brush over it to get a beautifully smooth water color texture.! Easy Peasy! 😍👏

Also, I was rummaging through my closet the other day, I figured I had this highly under-rated T-shirt. You know how comic T-shirts have been in vogue forever right? So this is a comic T-shirt too. It however isn’t the usual superman nor batman! Its not angry birds or minions! Its a cartoon of the happy but confused, loud but cheerful people and the general labyrinth of chaos so peculiar to my country India in general and my city Chennai in particular. 😍


It is such an easy to wear T-shirt and it is my go to when I’m going somewhere quick and I don’t have much time to think! Also, just looking at that T-shirt lifts my spirits! Doesn’t it? Wait check out the close up and decide for yourself!


I bought it off a small stall at the City Center mall in my city. Such Colorful! Much Wow! Ya? 😂😝
Have a fabulous week y’all! 🙂

One Post, two Life through the Lens Challenges

I have somehow missed both the life through the lens challenges though I have been thinking I read every post of Mommyx4boys (oh…fyi…when I visited her page now for a link back I see a third pending challenge. But that can wait :P)
So the two topics I missed were Miracle and Love. Let’s go one by one. 🙂

This one’s a photo. And the story behind it is the Miracle.


That’s me holding my Chartered Accountant Membership Certificate on passing the course. You must be wondering why this photo here, it’s because passing the course is a bloody miracle in itself 😀 The pass percentage was a frugal 7% when I gave my exams. 7 of every 100 clear. Miracle or what?!? 🙂

This is a pencil sketch I did for Love. A slightly different interpretation but yes!


Nothing is as genuine as the love dogs show and I think I’ve done a good job bringing out that emotion. I had a rough idea of the kind of picture I wanted to draw and Google threw up this amazing idea 😀 what do you think guys?
And thank you once again http://mommyx4boys.wordpress.com for these kickass challenges!

Life through the lens – Challenge, Accepted!

So my favorite blogger Diana from mommy * 4 boys has started a drawing challenge series just for the fun and love of it. And I thought why not and decided to give it a shot!
The theme was fear. We had to either pick out a picture we have taken or create a drawing and show what we felt best depicted fear. I chose to draw because I can’t click posed photos (er…hands on flash? Check, hands on lens? Check) leave alone candid shots!
I’m really excited about this challenge and I kept it simple because this is the first time I’m pencil sketching.


The image I would like to assume is pretty self explanatory. I saw the image on google images and shamelessly copied it. Hence the picture of the original image too.


What do you think Diana? Linking your post back below so that you get to know of my entry!