Festive Chic! + Giveaway Winner Announcement 

Hi all you lovely readers 😍! The only thing I am looking forward to after a long weekend is a short painless week which I hope runs away quickly!! 

Moving on, Navrathri is right around the corner and I thought a good way to get back to my Fashion game would be to give y’all some inspiration for looks you can recreate this Navrathri! So stay tuned! 

I bet everyone of us has this odd lehenga/ghagra/dhavani we are kinda ashamed of now because it looks like we just stepped in and out of a rainbow carrying the entire frikkin VIBGYOR out with us! One such Dhavani I own my is this one! (Don’t laugh 😐) 

While I individually love the blouse and the skirt I hate, with all vehemence I can muster, the Dhavani or the green brocade portion of the attire. So I decided to tone down the whole look by just using the skirt giving this look a much needed twist! 

That’s right! I wore this bright (I’ll blind you with this skirt type of bright) skirt with a very plain ethnic Kurti or short top! 

It was like an explosion in my head when one day I saw this Kurti and this skirt lying next to each other in my closet and I thought why not?!? 


It’s grand and underplayed at the same time and it is the perfect look for a function or a party/reception   
The mild embroidery along the length of the top gives it a very traditional touch making the pairing so easy! 


 I completed the look with a pair of violet heels I bought over a year ago a sneak of which is shown here! 

This is a look you can easily recreate for the festive season this year by pairing a bright piece with a sober one in the same colour scheme! I’ll try and add a few more outfits you can recreate this Navarathri to look fab and festive while going light on your pocket too! 

Outfit Details : Skirt – Material from RmKV, Chennai and designed and stitched by my Tailor, Top – Shilpi CP Ramasamy Salai, Heels -Flipkart, on my lips – Lakme Absolut hi-Definition Matte in the shade Pink Caress 

Photography by Pranav Agarwal 😊 

Also, the Winners of the Giveaway are : 

First : Namitha Radhakrishnan

Second : Srishty Grover 

Thrid : Niharika Singhal 

Have a lovely week ahead! ❤️ Here’s a cute puppy to get you through the rough week 


This occasion calls for a…skirt! Wait..what?

Haha.. Me and my essay-ish titles! Well that’s that and now coming to the topic. Let me tell you guys something. In my country, India, people don’t show leg. No. Not many of them and not often. I don’t know why. That’s mainly why in all my post (well most of them at least) I’m in jeans or tights. But sometimes when you are going to some places you are quite confident you can pull off some leg showing without raising eyebrows and I was headed to one such place today and I thought why not? 😉
So…here I am…feeling skittish in a skirt. Wait now that would have made a better title wouldn’t it have? “Feeling skittish in skirt” Never mind. I’m going to let that be!




I had a really old extremely comfortable cotton dark cocoa brown skirt which I decided to pair with a light brown sheer top. Its a long tunic and hence I decided to tuck it into my skirt to get some shape. 

I’m so excited about being able to incorporate a pop of pink throughout the look with my belt, my cross body bag and my shoes (the ones which featured for the first time in my previous post and was a smashing hit and made me feel like a boss and…never mind, I’ll brag some other time)

However, since my sister just didn’t agree with that pink popping in random places, I also tried another look. Mellowed the whole appearance down. Check it out.



The nude pumps and belt just made the whole outfit look different right?
Guess which look I went for? Wicket!! The first one of course.! Duh who doesn’t want a random color popping in the oddest places throughout their otherwise sane pairing of light and dark brown? 😛 Right?

Anyway, I have saved the best for the last because that’s what I do best. My idea of suspense and all. Guess who recently grumbled about lusting for gold watches? Me! Guess who bought a stunning gold watch at-long-last? Ba-dum-tssss yeah baby I did!!




Looks bloody brilliant don’t you think? That’s me admiring my watch. Hope you are doing just that too. 😀 Have a lovely Sunday!