Summer Style – Part I/IV – Cool and Comfortable Drapes 

After what seems like the longest break I’ve taken from the blogging world, I’m back with the next post you guys! 

So, before that, tell you been? 💕💕didja miss me? Didja think about me? 💁🏻👸🏻💁🏻 a big hug if you did! A big hug if you didn’t too! 😂

Diving straight in, I decided to do a four part post about what to wear this summer  when you decide Pants are not your cuppa! What with the sun scorching, I bet jeans are the last things on your mind. But what are the alternatives you may wonder. Fret not love, for I’m here to show you four cool and easy ways to waltz through summer pants-free! 😊

Part I – The quintessential Six yards

The Saree is the touted to be the most beautiful attire. Drape it well and it can be the most accentuating outfit you’d ever have worn! And that’s why the Saree is my first choice of clothing this summer! 

This beautiful Kota cotton Saree has a funny story behind it! It about a year ago (oh coming to think about it, exactly a year ago!) that I decided to gift my grandmother (let’s call her paati because that makes typing a whole lot easier for me!) a Saree for her birthday. I fell in love with this Saree the instant I saw it because I could so imagine my paati looking cute and bright in yellow and green. Also, I presumed she would love something cool and comfortable like a Kota cotton anyday over a heavy silk Saree. Well I was mistaken wasn’t I! 

Let me continue the story after the next image! 😛

So I buy the Saree and take it to her, and my paati being my paati looked at it with a dead pan face (something like this 😶) and took it. Hahahah! I later realised she wanted a silk saree as it turned out that I wasn’t alone in thinking cottons would be what she needs. So one year later, this saree was still new and unworn and I shamelessly went and borrowed it back from her for the shoot! Yup thaaat’s me! Happy and shameless! 

And that’s exactly what I seem to be happily declaring to the world in the next picture! Lol!) 

Cotton sarees in general and good Kota sarees in particular weigh almost nothing! So take out your mom’s or maybe even your paati’s saree out and take it for a spin this summer! 

Outfit Details: Kota Saree – Shilpi (Chennai), Readymade blouse – RmKV (Chennai), Necklace – Gift, Footwear – Koblerr (Chennai) 

These pictures were taken by the awesome Sneha Chandrashekhar! We did all four outfits in one shot and they have all come out so well that it’s making me exercise so much self control to not release all of them in one go its not even funny anymore! ☹️ Thank you Sneha for ensuring I’m spoilt for choice!  (follow her on Instagram @purplecurlss) 

That’s all from me this week! I promise I’ll be regular (atleast till this series is done with!) with a new post coming out every Monday! See ya! ❤️

Seasonal Transitions – Spring! Fun Young and Colorful

Helloooo all you lovely people! I’m actually glad for a change the weekend is over! It was probably because I have such amazing things lined up for the week (hint hint) and I’m literally raring to go!! 

Anyway, all that can wait! Monday’s here and that only means one thing!! a new post is here! :* So while last week I gave you three styling ideas for summer – one with a skirt, one with a dress and one with a pant, today I’ll show you how the same three staples can be used to create looks for spring by changing just a few pieces here and there!! 

First up! Sandhya’s look 


So for Sandhya we interpreted spring to be the fun weather which requires a bit of layering because it’s still quite chilly!! So she wore a plain peach tshirt over her printed cotton dress to keep her warm and since knotting everything up is the trend now we thought knotting up the tshirt would give it that fun element! Toinkkk💡!! 


Wazzaa jumping shot!! 😍 we kept the rest of Sandhya’s look simple with a pair of floral flip flops in place of the gladiators because..hey..floral means spring…duh 😂haha!! 

Sandhya’s wardrobe (summer and spring) : dress – Reliance Trendz, Peach t-shirt and gladiator flats – thrifted Germany, Floral flip flops – thrifted Chennai 

Next, Anusha’s look 


For Anusha we decided to retain the Palazzo pants because they were airy comfy and colorful and we replaced to spaghetti lace top with a fitted almost body con type of tshirt because it keeps you warm and cozy again! However the top being black I quite dint find it too springy and hence decided the orange and blue statement necklace would be a perfect addition to the look! So there you have a nice springy and colorful Anusha!! 😍😘



Wazzzaa fun and candid pulling shot to show of the wideness of the palazzo pants!! 😂😍😂! Haha! I liked Anusha’s spring look the best because it looked so put together and yet so chic and comfy! 

Anusha’s wardrobe (summer and spring) : Palazzo pants – Akritti (by Pantaloons), fitted black top and lace top – Sandhya’s (I honestly don’t know where they are from :/ ), flats – Bata, watch – Timex, Statement necklace – the Fashionhub (Instagram account), blue aviators -myntra online 

Finally, Shilpa’s look 


My look was all about florals! I traded my plain orange top for this floral crop top to ensure it had the right amount of color (a.k.a a lot of color) to depict the weather! 


Wazzzaa Audrey Hepburn-esque pose!! 😝😝 so I completed my look by trading the flip flops for a pair of Zara golden flats (it looks like magic woven into a sandal! I swear!) and wearing my rounded cat eyed sunglasses in place of my aviators!   

Shilpa’s wardrobe (spring and summer) : Coral skirt – 19•F (from pantaloons), orange shirt – Only India, turquoise beaded necklace – forever21, animal print aviators – Claire’s, red flip flops – lotto online, floral crop top – Westside, rounded animal print sunnies – Polkadot and you (Instagram account), golden flats – Zara, boho beaded wristband – blue eye collection!  

That brings us to the end of the this week’s post! How would you transition from spring to summer with a staple piece? What defines spring and summer for you? What do you think about Sandhya Anusha and my looks? Do tell me! I’m all ears 👂🏼👂🏼 

I have told you this a million times but every now and again I want to tell all my readers a big thank you again! (here take a kiss each 😘) you guys are probably the most supportive and encouraging people and I need that now more than anyother time! Thank you more than most! Have an amazing week ahead! Xoxo!  

Seasonsal Transitions – Summer! Bright Light and Beachy!

Hola dearies! Happy yappy Monday to you all!! Do I sound too excited on a Monday? That is ONLY because I have an awesome post in store for y’all! :*

A little back story before we dive right into the post. A week back I was thinking what my next post/theme/couple of posts was going to be and just when an idea was forming in my head my sister told me she and her friend would shoot with me as well! Two cuties who look like a million bucks in just about anything they wear on my blog? I’m on!

So the Concept of the next four posts isss……1 2 3 4! Confused? That’s One Theme, Two Staples, Three Girls and Four Seasons!!  Ta-daaaaah! So its basically seasonal transitions of the same staple outfit. (Sonam Naidu..You remember you asked me to do this long ago with my red skirt? Thanks babe ❤ You inspired me!) So I will be showing you guys how to wade through the four seasons in a staple maxi skirt, my sister in pants and Sandhya in a dress! *So excited I could dieee*


So this post is all about Summer! Summer is all about the beach and bright and light colors and that’s what we went for indeed!! 😀

First up, Sandhya’s Look


IMG_2434 IMG_3188

Firstly, lets all step back for a moment and admire this cutie…now lets proceed to the look. Ha! So we decided to keep Sandhya’s beach look very simple with this thin cotton brightly colored almost spaghetti strapped dress. She chose to pair it with these open gladiators which look elaborate and simple, dressy and laid back at the same time! Simple airy dresses like these scream summer and we love that! Dresses are also easily transitionable and you’ll see why we need that next week 😉 (Suspense and all!! :P)

Next, Anusha’s Look

IMG_3190 (null) (1) (null) (2)

Anusha look like a pretty picture in these comfy as hell palazzo pants and this lacy spaghetti top. Palazzo are one more piece of outfit which define sweaty summers and she sure was uber-cozy in them! She finished her look with these open flats and a pair of blue aviators!

And finally, Shilpa’s Look (yes mine!)

IMG_2491 IMG_2493


I bought two maxis recently (like at last!!) and the minute I saw this coral one I knew this is exactly how I wanted to style it! This orange shirt and coral skirt combination almost give it a maxi dress like feel and knotting up the shirt made me feel breazy in my tummy and I loved it! (Lol!) I finished this look with these pretty F21 turquoise beads and I was pretty pleased with myself for thinking up of that color combination! (not at all pompous! Nope!) I also wore these cool blueeye collection beaded bracelet (birthday gift from *wink wink*) and my lazy flip flops to complete the look.

As I’m finishing this post I realise I’m running so late to work! So this is where I sign off peeps! Next week we three will show you how the same three staple outfits can be worn for spring! (Also, I just realised, I should have totally gone spring first and then come to summer isnt it?) Excited? Oh I sure am! Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m yapping too much today! Have an amazing week ahead! Love you! Stay Happy!! ❤ ❤ !!


Print Preview – 💃 Sway the Indian-Way 💃

Hi you guys! I am back (about time!) with yet another post about Prints!! Back when I did my first post – I dint think this theme through and chose florals as an individual post and went ahead with it. But then the very obvious struck me! Taking prints as a theme just brings in almost an entire genre of fashion into its purview and here I am trying to talk about prints in like four to five posts. Which is impossible. Which is not doing justice to the theme. Which is why I decided on this elaborate plan of choosing groups of prints per post and what better way to start than closest to home. So presenting to you – (cue music 😂) my take on INDIAN PRINTS! 😀


The fashion scene in India is pretty competitive (Indians – ‘nuf said) and growing. While designers love experimenting with colors and cuts there is something common across the country’s fashion industry- Embroidery!! Embroidery is so South Asian and specific to us that I bet its not even a considered as an option for the designers of the West. While prints have been prevelant from before embroidery came into the picture, the sheer workmanship and creativity one can display (and hence charge a bomb for,) through embroidery makes it a luxury and preferred favourite of the runway. So while embroidered-wear can sit snootily in the throne I am today going to embrace its less glamourous cousin Indian Prints because hey prints are here to stay!! 😀 They have been around for ages, they are at times handmade, they fit our purse strings and they are fun to work with and sport. For this post I have chosen four basic prints every Indian girl knows or should know!


While I have yapped enough and more about Kalamkari on this blog to you before, heres what you need to know of what Kalamkari is all about !!

Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, produced in parts of India and in Iran. The word is derived from the Persian words ghalam (Pen) and kari (craftsmanship), meaning drawing with a pen (Ghalamkar). The “kalam” or pen is used for free hand drawing of the subject and filling in the colours, is entirely hand worked. Only natural dyes are used in Kalamkari and it involves seventeen painstaking steps.”


While in modern times, on the kalamkari dresses we wear, the parts about natural dyes and the “pain staking process” part might not be true, it is said that artisans still use their pens to touch up the lines and pictures created mechanically! So you say its handmade or nothing? Haha good for you bro, I am happy with a “fully machine made but thoda handmade bhi” tag too!

Chennaites looking for Kalamkari, the place you gotta be is Shilpi! (Nungambakkam or CP Ramasamy Road)

I have had a love affair with this Print and material right here on this blog several times before! See for yourself! 😀


Meanwhile, here’s how my favorite cousin styles kalamkari palazzo pants while vacationing in Thailand


Gosh! This chic knows to holiday in style!

Block Prints
Another traditional form of prints are block prints. This is another form of Kalamkari but its quicker and easier to make because they are block printed!

Anyone can try block printing because it works on a simple concept! You’ll know what I mean when you see this!!


Yes! We all, each one of us, could have become artisans had we had the vision mission and purpose when we were taught the highly messy, satisfying art of vegetable printing. Lel.

So blocks which basically look like this are available on etsy and amazon! Wet paint on them and plop them really hard on a fabric of your choice and you get your block print!


Block printing is widely used in India. It works really well on cotton and hence we Indians embrace it with two hands and two feet because a thing called winter is nonexistent here.


This Kurta – my all time favorite, is a really old block printed piece I have!



Also here’s how my school mate and friend Anusha loves her block prints


Anusha is giving western outfits and retail brands a run for their money by rocking New York in this block printed beautiful salwar kameez.

Nailing looks since 1990 can be a tagline for this cute fashionista friend of mine 💝😊 thanks Anusha for the contribution


Bandhani is a type of tie and dye practiced mainly in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, India. The term bandhani is derived from the Sanskrit word banda (“to tie”). Bhandhini is tough process whereby a piece of cloth is tied up and covered in small loops at various places and then dyed. On drying these tied up portions are opened up and since they weren’t exposed to the dye they remain in the original shade.


Bhandhini is again a work of art special to Gujarat and Rajasthan (honestly how skilled and creative are these people?)

My friend Nandhini readily agreed to help me out with showing my readers how she styled her beautiful bhandhini saree. I love the way she has accessoried so perfectly for this saree!


How Nandhini? How do you manage to find the perfect accessories every single time 😍!

Bhandhini apart from being styled as sarees is really popular as dhupattas and skirts




I must say I knew nothing about ikat until very recently. I call it the aztec of Asia. I saw this video about how ikat is done and it is such hard work!! Check out the video here :

Giving you the link because a) seeing it is so much better than reading about it and b) even describing the process seems like hard work for me 😐

I recently bought an AMAZING ikat short skirt and I’m surely posting about it soon. But for now lemme show you how some of the lovely girls I know styled and nailed this pattern!


Niveditha does Ikat in style with this boho type blouse. She has pulled it off with such grace and elan and she gets brownie points for such a fabulous backdrop 😍

My style crazy shopping crazy bestie preeti does Ikat in this party wear shirt and she sure has moved out of comfort zone and is rocking the look!!


While these are not all the prints that there are in India I have tried covering the main ones. Hope you enjoyed this long and long due post. Have a happy rest of the weekend peeps. Love y’all 😘