I spy!

I see an increasing trend in India and I dont like it. :/ transparent bags!
Its probably already hit the USA and slowly making its way to my country but its time for me to run the other way because those bags are so not my type. 😐 A definite member of my want-not list!


Do people always carry around stuff they dont mind showing off to the world in their bags? I have anything ranging from socks to sanitary napkins floating around in my bag 😛 . Besides, these transparent bags definitely are a strict no for clumsy folks like me who give a damn about  compartmentalizing or clearing their bags every once in a while 😛

Do any of you have these bags? Are you comfortable with them? Do tell me! 🙂

12 thoughts on “I spy!

  1. I agree they are awful! I worked at a clothing store in the USA once which required the employees to use transparent bags to prevent shoplifting! I found the idea so distasteful that I opted not to carry my purse into work!


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