Structured, sturdy and sexy!

Hi from the Structured Handbags Society (where the president, treasurer and secretary is all me >:D ). Managed to creep y’all well? 😛
Well, the creeping now being done and dusted, lets move on! I’ve had this recent love for these solid rectangular bags and I already have managed to add two to my never-gonna-end list 🙂
These bags give the perfect air of sophistication (which I otherwise seem to profusely lack) and manage to be uber-comfortable to carry around at the same time.
All this being said, I must add that these meanies are not a wise option if you are looking for roomy bags with lots of stuff to carry.
Leaving you with the images of both my lovely bags!



Sexy right? What do u think? Do tell me 🙂

P.S. : You aren’t allowed to comment on the fact that my lunch bag is bigger than my handbag. Okthankyoubye! 😛

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