The Week And Wishes!

Hi y’all! 💞 It has been an amazing week and half and there have been quite a few share worthy happenings 🙂
The most important Hindu festival is here and we spent it in style both at home and at work. The whole country celebrates the victory of good over evil by bursting crackers, lighting diyas and gorging on sweets. My office was also a scene of celebration.!


(The last picture would be me getting a high over crackers 😝)

Pencil Sketching
I’ve started taking doodling to new heights with these elaborate full paged doodles. I really enjoy doing them and the fact that they are absolutely useless doesn’t bother me one bit! 😂



And while most of them are pointless, I tried the Audrey Hepburn minimalist pencil sketching technique and I must say I’m quite happy. Can u tell the original from my drawing? Duh of course you can 😂😝


Bay Decoration
Festivals in general and important ones in specific solicit weeks upon weeks of ongoing celebrations. In that regard, Diwali is no different and our office just needs a reason to have fun, so we had a bay decoration contest (fun fun fun!) And our bay chose whatsapp to be the theme!
So this included our entire bay being dressed in shades of green and white, and each of our cubicles had a selfie of us with a “last seen at desk” time and a status! The entry to our bay even said “Join Group” and the exit said “Delete and Exit Group” LoL!
Needless to say, our bay won the contest. 😎 So in keeping with the theme, we did a Whatsapp Rangoli (Rangolis are patterns drawn on the floor and filled with color powder) Check out me and muh rangoli yo! 😜


Having your mom’s and dad’s birthdays in the same week can have an acute slimming effect on your pocket. Hence I chose to go easy on my mom (just a cake! Sorry mom you kinda had everything you wanted. 😝) and go big on my dad’s gift – a watch!  And they both loved their gifts! 🙂


So!! What do you think? An awesome week or what? 🙂 hope you had and are still having an amazing week. Stay happy, stay safe and wish y’all a very Happy Diwali! May Good always win over Evil, may the Light always help those in Dark!


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