Kerastace Fusio-Dose Hair Care Treatment – A Review

Being a blogger has its tiny perks! Wait! scratch that! Being a blogger has really cool perks! Last week I was contacted by the Page3 chain of beauty parlours and was invited over to try the new Kerastase Fusio-Dose Instant Hair Ritual and boy did I have an ultimate pampering session! 😀


A little trivia about this hair ritual now! Unlike other shampoo and deep conditioning treatments which are basically  one-size-fit-all kinda solutions, this treatment has so many specific problem addressing combinations that it is insane!

The Speciality of the Fusio Dose ritual lies in the conditioning. They have a mixture of five different boosters and five different concentrates which are in test tubes and tiny glass bottles respectively and according to what each person’s hair requires, the appropriate booster and concentrates are mixed to give you a personalised solution! (Are you a woman of specifics? To know all the teeny tiny details about this treatment, click here!)

The boosters in the tubes and the concentrates in the tiny glass bottles.


The stylist at the Page 3 Salon first analysed my hair with some fancy machine and decided I had to get a treatment for oily scalp and dry ends (#problemofmylife) With no other treatment I have taken at any salon being this specific and precise about my problem areas I was already excited for the process to start!

My stylist decoding the greatest mystery that is my hair!

For shampoo she used the Kerastase Bain Divalent (pronounced as Ba Divello apparently! :P) This is basically an balancing shampoo and you can shop for it here. With the formality of the shampooing being done with, we went on to the more exciting part of the procedure – The conditioning

Enjoying my wash!

The bartending job of mixing a booster and a concentrate is pretty amazing! My stylist decided I needed the Oleo Fusion Concentrate (for re-nourishment for dry hair. Creating a smooth and sleek finish) with the Booster Nutrition – Nourishment Booster! She mixed the two products together and sprayed it into my hair from roots to tips and let it soak for about 5-7 minutes after which she rinsed it off. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes which is not long at all and this is the very reason Page3 calls it their instant hair ritual! My hair was already feeling light and fresh at this stage!

While towel drying my hair, my stylist used one pump of the Kerastase Elixer Oil for heat resistance, softness and smoothness and for hair protection after which she went on to blow dry my hair.


The blow dry was done and my hair was feeling absolutely amazing in a very real way! By this I mean, any spa, deep conditioning session leaves your hair feeling silky and straight in a very artificial way. This treatment however gave me all the silkiness and smoothness without giving me the artificial shinyness that other treatments usually leave me with! The natural texture of the hair was beautifully maintained and that’s what I loved about this treatment!

Posing! The thumbs up was rather unnecessary! :/


This whole treatment at the Page 3 salon will set you back by Rs.1000/- Calling this an expensive or a not-so-expensive treatment will be a very personal call depending on each persons priorities. If you feel you’d rather buy the product and get many uses out of it then you might find this salon treatment slightly pricey. But if you are like me and you get such elaborate treatments done only for important occasions and you dont really see the point of investing in all those expensive products, this parlour treatment is the perfect solution!

THE CON (singular:)

To be honest I loved this treatment and would opt for it over the normal shampoo and deep conditioning I usually get done at a parlor. But that being said, I must add the only minor negative I felt about the treatment. I have the most oily scalp in the world! To give you some disgusting perspective, if pakodas and samosas had a contest with my scalp about who’s the oiliest, my scalp would probably win! :/ and so the day after a hair wash my hair goes back to being limp and oily again. One day after this treatment my hair continued to be really soft, well put together and healthy unlike the mess it usually becomes otherwise, however my scalp did become ever so slightly greasy again! 😦  Apart form this very minor setback, this treatment gets a big thumbs from me! 


Overall I had a wonderful experience at the Page3 salon! I absolutely look forward to going back and getting this treatment done every once in a while! Thanks for having me over Page3!

Was this review useful to you? Will you take up this Fusio-Dose treatment? Leave a comment ❤

A close up of my make up for that day! Is that an MOTD? 🤔

This was a sponsored post but all opinions are my own!









3 thoughts on “Kerastace Fusio-Dose Hair Care Treatment – A Review

  1. Oh wow.! Being a person who enjoys the parlour pampering, this sets my excitement high. Hoping to fix an appointment sometime and experience this 😃💃
    And such a detailed, exhaustive and perfect penning of the experience 👏

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