What about some Mid-Week Inspiration!?!


Ha.! Fell in love with this quote the minute I saw it.

We all have our apprehensions about doing that little something we have “been meaning to” but are being chicken about actually doing it. Starting trouble they say.!

You think you have it in you to write well? You want to start a blog? Do it! I did!
You think you have some free time and you want to do something for the society? You want to join an NGO? Do it! I did!
You think you need a hobby to get out of work pressure? You think you might be quite artsy? Do it! I did!
Now how’s that for leading by example? 🙂

Notes to myself:
No enough time : its just a farce!
What would people say : honestly, why do you care?
You think you are doing all that you have been wanting to do : the answer is always “no not yet”. Never be content. Never settle. Challenge yourself to do it and to do it better every single time.

One Post, two Life through the Lens Challenges

I have somehow missed both the life through the lens challenges though I have been thinking I read every post of Mommyx4boys (oh…fyi…when I visited her page now for a link back I see a third pending challenge. But that can wait :P)
So the two topics I missed were Miracle and Love. Let’s go one by one. 🙂

This one’s a photo. And the story behind it is the Miracle.


That’s me holding my Chartered Accountant Membership Certificate on passing the course. You must be wondering why this photo here, it’s because passing the course is a bloody miracle in itself 😀 The pass percentage was a frugal 7% when I gave my exams. 7 of every 100 clear. Miracle or what?!? 🙂

This is a pencil sketch I did for Love. A slightly different interpretation but yes!


Nothing is as genuine as the love dogs show and I think I’ve done a good job bringing out that emotion. I had a rough idea of the kind of picture I wanted to draw and Google threw up this amazing idea 😀 what do you think guys?
And thank you once again http://mommyx4boys.wordpress.com for these kickass challenges!