Seasonsal Transitions – Summer! Bright Light and Beachy!

Hola dearies! Happy yappy Monday to you all!! Do I sound too excited on a Monday? That is ONLY because I have an awesome post in store for y’all! :*

A little back story before we dive right into the post. A week back I was thinking what my next post/theme/couple of posts was going to be and just when an idea was forming in my head my sister told me she and her friend would shoot with me as well! Two cuties who look like a million bucks in just about anything they wear on my blog? I’m on!

So the Concept of the next four posts isss……1 2 3 4! Confused? That’s One Theme, Two Staples, Three Girls and Four Seasons!!  Ta-daaaaah! So its basically seasonal transitions of the same staple outfit. (Sonam Naidu..You remember you asked me to do this long ago with my red skirt? Thanks babe ❤ You inspired me!) So I will be showing you guys how to wade through the four seasons in a staple maxi skirt, my sister in pants and Sandhya in a dress! *So excited I could dieee*


So this post is all about Summer! Summer is all about the beach and bright and light colors and that’s what we went for indeed!! 😀

First up, Sandhya’s Look


IMG_2434 IMG_3188

Firstly, lets all step back for a moment and admire this cutie…now lets proceed to the look. Ha! So we decided to keep Sandhya’s beach look very simple with this thin cotton brightly colored almost spaghetti strapped dress. She chose to pair it with these open gladiators which look elaborate and simple, dressy and laid back at the same time! Simple airy dresses like these scream summer and we love that! Dresses are also easily transitionable and you’ll see why we need that next week 😉 (Suspense and all!! :P)

Next, Anusha’s Look

IMG_3190 (null) (1) (null) (2)

Anusha look like a pretty picture in these comfy as hell palazzo pants and this lacy spaghetti top. Palazzo are one more piece of outfit which define sweaty summers and she sure was uber-cozy in them! She finished her look with these open flats and a pair of blue aviators!

And finally, Shilpa’s Look (yes mine!)

IMG_2491 IMG_2493


I bought two maxis recently (like at last!!) and the minute I saw this coral one I knew this is exactly how I wanted to style it! This orange shirt and coral skirt combination almost give it a maxi dress like feel and knotting up the shirt made me feel breazy in my tummy and I loved it! (Lol!) I finished this look with these pretty F21 turquoise beads and I was pretty pleased with myself for thinking up of that color combination! (not at all pompous! Nope!) I also wore these cool blueeye collection beaded bracelet (birthday gift from *wink wink*) and my lazy flip flops to complete the look.

As I’m finishing this post I realise I’m running so late to work! So this is where I sign off peeps! Next week we three will show you how the same three staple outfits can be worn for spring! (Also, I just realised, I should have totally gone spring first and then come to summer isnt it?) Excited? Oh I sure am! Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m yapping too much today! Have an amazing week ahead! Love you! Stay Happy!! ❤ ❤ !!



Decoding – Work Wear – Making Monday Fun-day!

Monday morning blues – a universal term even Martians can relate to don’t you think readers? That said, I have in this post, tried to decode what fashion-wise we can do, to coax ourselves to get out of bed and head to start the week off on a positive note! Let’s begin!

1) Wear new. That was an easy one I suppose, but to me that has the biggest impact. Being the fashion and discount hunters that we are, we always have something new stowed in our wardrobe. Whatcha waiting for readers? Studies show 87% of women release their new clothes on Monday (Nah! Just made that up. Studies show 97% of the statistics quoted are made up. 😂;)) So chop off those price tags and strut your new stuff on Mondays! Do we need better Monday motivation?

Some of my Monday releases in the past have included things as simple as new earrings ⬇


Or a pair of new shoes


Let them even small things like new shades!


So we get the drift don’t we? Make the simplest things count! Makeup, scarf, hairstyle, kurta, handbag, even a hankie if you must, if you have a yet to release piece, the best day to do it would be MON-YAY!

2) Wear Easy and wear light. While most of you might not be into incorporating colors of the day into your outfit, (my mom used to religiously follow this for long. So I’m aware of this color coding) try sticking to Whites or any light pastel tones. Whether this numerologically and astrologically impacts you is a different subject all together, but what its sure to do is make you look smart yet simple, bright yet calm, crisp yet subtle on Mondays which makes you so much more likeable than when you are probably in an angry red shaded shirt or a bright green shaded Salwar Kameez (pssst..a no-work-done Friday needs a not-so-pissed-off boss on Monday remember?;))


White brings out the color of my….Ok..teeth! 😝


Note to self and the world. An all pastel dress code is NEVER a bad idea. ⬆

And that brings us to our last and most important point:

3) Wear confidence and wear a smile. Honestly, that’s the best accessory in the world girls. So wear anything, wear nothing (oh that’s a bit scandalous) but don’t forget to turn on the charm. Let’s face it. Would you like to walk into work and see your colleagues grumpy faced? So flash ’em pearlies and walk tall and charming into work. Remember, that’s half the work done ladies!


Have a great weekend and here’s hoping you incorporate some if not all these suggestions this Monday 🙂 if you did, don’t forget to tell me. 👍

P.S.: A long paragraph to ensue but please do read it. I have to tell you guys this. Big blogging changes are coming up guys. So I decided to listen to my friend’s advice about sticking to a theme per month. So this month is the Work wear month. Every theme gets three to four posts from me. A post per week. Through those three to four weeks I will remind (read: beg/request/bully) you guys to share with me your outfits which relate to that theme in any way and the last post of a particular theme will be a compilation of all my guests’ outfits. 😍 I’m in love with this idea and can’t wait for it to start.

So to begin with, send in your Monday wear (preferably with a small description about the outfit) to and get ready to walk down the frillthrills red carpet!! Sometimes I flatter myself a tad bit too much.😝 Hah! Take care. 💝

Fighting Blues!

Are cringing and complaining the first reactions you have on waking up on a bright Sunday morning too? Is that like..normal? The thought that the weekend is 50% over just beats out the “the glass is half full” kinda optimism out of me. So to help you (and me for that matter) push those sad Monday blues out, I’m showing you how fun blue can get with this “all blue” outfit.


After months and months of searching tirelessly, I at last found the right pair of light blue jeans readers. And I honestly couldn’t have been happier.


I paired my perfect blue jeans with this midnight blue with white star printed shirt and with my blue Aldo loafers.
Sometimes I find that going high on various shades of a single color works after all when we tread with caution and don’t go over board. Do try the technique with soft shades like blue, peach, cream, green etc and SHOW ME!


In this case for example, a kind of balance was restored, or so I would like to think, by bringing in many aspects of white into the look. Any pastel shade would actually do the trick, black and white being the perfect colors that they are, would do the trick even better!

That brings us to that one accessory which I’ve never shown on this blog though it has been with me for ages now, my Rocky-S bag!


Woohoo dont you like love that bag ? What with the golden zippers and metal rings it gives the whole bag such a “I’m the boss” look.

Ever since I went public about this blog, I have had some amazing suggestions about how to make my blog work better and reach out to more people effectively. I’m so glad I have such a receptive creative and helpful bunch of friends. Shout out to one friend in particular who just killed it (nailed it more like) with his amazing ideas about how Frillthrills could grow into a household name. Jaydeep I’m totally capitalizing on the free advise you gave me and the ones I am going to get soon. Thank you. 💝 after all its not every day you meet your extra ordinarily smart friend who has a flair for ideas about literally everything under the sun. Remember that story about being able to sell refrigerators to Eskimos? That’s my friend for you. 😎

Outfit details :

Light blue jeans : 109° F (Lifestyle), Starry shirt : Fast fashion Besant Nagar (have you checked out that store already?) Bag : Rocky S (Shopper’s stop), Shoes : Aldo, Watch : Fossil

Have you guys gone high on one color like I did? What contrasting or complimenting color did you guys use to subtle down the look then? Tell me! Show me! 😀 have a great week. *grumble*

Mulberries on my Mind

Its well past 9 in the morning and if I don’t run helter skelter starting NOW I’ll most definitely be late to work. Yet here I am lounging and lazing around and talking to you about things as random as blackberries mulberries without a care in the world. The things a sore throat and a heavy head can do to you! Sigh! 📃💉😭

Anyways I’ve been MIA for a bit though there has been quite a lot of things happening and I thought I would tell you all about it in this random post, quite as random as its title. LeL!

1.Mint mishmash
I bought mint pants a while ago and try as I might, I am just not able to pair it with the right top and I end up with too many colors on me. See for yourself.



Yes bloggers please tell me what I should pair these pants up with. I’m kinda lost here! No Pinterest inspirations aren’t working either! 😐

2.Marathon madness
The ladies in my running group decided to do an all ladies beach run! And guess what, I did a 15 kilometer (9.3 miles) in two hours. Howabout that 😎


In other marathon news, I did a 10km in 1 hour and 20 mins at a marathon in the city!


That would be me looking bulldozed passing a bulldozer. Lel!

3.Multicolor Mix n Match
My friend was so terribly sweet, pampering me silly when she gifted this beautiful multicolored statement piece she bought when in Mumbai and I’ve been dreaming about that piece stowed safe in my drawer ever since.



4. Mostly Monochrome
Le boyfriend’s birthday happened when he was here visiting us, so among other things, I made him a birthday card. Now he’s a Kobe Bryant mad fan and so I laid my thinking cap safely to rest and just drew a pencil sketch of Kobe (and me!) Here’s a rather bad picture of the inside and the outside of the card


Shilpa the living breathing candy floss!

Such creative! Much wow!

And inside the card!

Also, a closer picture of my Kobe (I say my Kobe because I know this is unlike the original by a mile! :|)


4. Made and manducated by me!

I have in recent times started learning some cooking. Thanks to some amazing blogs I’ve tried doing some easy south Indian dishes and you’d be happy to know, I nailed most of them :mrgreen: I have also been completely disregarding this waistline issue and have been binge eating some amaze balls dishes from crazy eat outs around the city! 😍 A collage of all that lovely yummies in my tummy of course⬇


That would be all from me folks. I successfully completed this post with every title and subtitle having M-words.. Yes yes I’m pretty cracked up that way. Have a great rest of the week! Ciao! 💝