Casual Chic on Fleek Look

Hi my lovely readers! I’m back after quite a while with my next post but before that I got to tell you why I was MIA! I live in India in a city called Chennai which became pretty famous globally last week for a tragic reason. We were ravaged by extremely heavy cyclonic rains and floods and in a matter of a couple of days the city was left looking like a dumpyard. So many people lost their lives and a thousands more their homes. Chennai traditionally being a very dry city (remember how I always say we have summer throughout the year?) is not built for such rains and so the water levels reached 10-15 feet heights in several low lying areas causing massive damage. But as any positive story goes, here’s the part where there’s light at the end of the tunnel! 😊 The people of chennai showed such solidarity in relief and rescue missions. NGOs, corporate offices, actors and ofcourse the Indian Army came together and did such phenomenal  and unbelievable work rescuing people, distributing food and other survival kits, conducting medical camps, etc and while life to come back to normalcy is going to take several months, these rains and floods have shown what a city chennai is, it is secular, giving, and so sensitive and independent. We will be up and raring to go in a while but until then please make sure you keep us in your prayers. 😇 

So I kept my look super simple today because I’m still not in a position to shoot elaborate theme based posts! This would ideally be a look you can sport on a day full of running errands or simply a day out at the mall with your friends! Here goes! 


 It was such an easy and loungy and a no-brainer sort of look and it took me just a few minutes to put together which is usually the time late-lateefs like me get before heading out 😂 so if you are like me make sure to stock up on a lot of basic tshirts like this one because they are so versatile and it is almost like you have a new outfit every time you wear them. 

Here I paired this basic black tee shirt with my trusted light blue jeans and a statement neck piece. The rest of the look was simple in muted gold tones. Just adding a statement necklace or a scarf or a shirt over such tee shirts elevates the simple and basic outfit into something so much more suave and sophisticated! 😍 

Outfit Details : Black T-shirt – Forever 21, Blue Jeans – 109•F bought at Lifestyle, Necklace – FabIndia, Earrings – Forever 21, Sandals – Zara 

That would be all from me for today’s post folks! Make sure you have an amazing week ahead! And tell me you had a ball! ❤️😄


Decoding – WorkWear – What’s your Go To Quirk?

Haven’t we all had weeks where its just Wednesday and we be like “What? Shouldn’t it have been Friday already?” You say every week of yours is like that? Hehe shhh! 🙊But when we have such slow weeks what do we do? How do we survive through the rest of the week? While I don’t know about guys, girls I do know have a go-to style of dressing to help them get over the week. This week’s post is all about this Go-To Quirk which we all have and so many pretty friends of mine willingly agreed to share their Quirk for the Tough Week.

Quirk One : Preeti makes pretty statements


I for one know for a fact that when Preeti my friend and colleague brings out her amazing range of statement necklaces it means she’s heating her week up because not much has been happening. It’s true isn’t it?

Inference : Amp up your simple boring dress! Accessorize like there is no tomorrow!

Quirk 2 : Ranjini Does Layers


When I asked Ranjini what her go to quirk was she readily shared this picture of her in several layers. While this was in a colder country, I’m guessing her quirk (like one of my many quirks) is layering, either in thermals like the pic above or in cool cottons when she heads back to the ever tropical ever hot Chennai 🙂 thank you Ranjini 😘 try as I might, I just wasn’t able to crop out the stray napkin sorry. Hahaha

Inference : Love your layers. Always remember, two’s better than one!

Quirk 3 : Pastel style by Srishty


I must confess, when Srishty of Life Of srish shared this picture of her in pastel formals she might not have been aware that I’ll use it for this particular post. Thank you so much Srishty and I can confidently say Going Pastel is her quirk because we had a discussion a few posts ago about how no one embraces their pastels and srishty quite strongly agreed and openly declared her love for pastels too!

Inference : Pastels may not add much color but they add so much confidence and focus. Embrace them pastels because work wear is incomplete without them!

Quirk 4 : Shilpa does eye blinding color


While I plan on doing a detailed post about Pakistani Cut Kurtis like the one I’m wearing above, this picture is only proof that my dull days get literally brightened up with eye popping, gaze blinding colors.

Inference : Quite a contrast and a contradiction to the previous Quirk but my quirk is to add lot of color to my outfit to bring back interest and add some life into my outfit!

That brings me to the end of this post. Thank you so much all you lovely girls who so readily contributed for my post! I owe you guys one. 😘

Thank you all for reading these posts patiently but right now close this work wear post because its weekend and honestly who cares about what you wear – work or otherwise? Go out and have some fun 💝

Denims, peaches and pearls

I had a peach statement necklace sleeping for an uncomfortably long time in my wardrobe. I had to..simply had to dig it out and wear it with the first outfit that I could reach out for and voila!!


You guys didn’t guess that the first shirt I might reach out to would be my denim one? Too bad. 😉


Because the necklace has pearls on it and also because I had no earring in peach I decided to pair this look with big pearl earrings! Tada a random comfortable confused look was achieved!!

Have a fun weekend folks!! 🙂

Some Statements here n there!

I, at long last, caved into this statement jewelry craze and bought two necklaces recently. Tada! Exhibit A


I wanted this necklace to really be the hero of the look today and hence decided to underplay the rest of my look. (To the extent that some people thought I forgot a jacket or some/any other dress completer back home 😂 Relax y’all her highness is not always strutting around looking like she has on her an entire shop. It’s called S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y. 😜)
So…this is how I looked. Brace yourselves.




Yes I wore a white T-shirt blue jeans and white pumps and FYI all you enquirers about my dull outfit, the necklace WAS THE WINNER. Ha! 😜🙌

Anyway, moving on, to other random and just as useless things, I saw this picture recently and I loved it so much that I have been wanting to share it here for y’all to have a good laugh about and nod your heads vigorously in assent


That thing takes so long to nail perfectly it’s not even funny! 😒

Moving on one last time to my last bit of interesting news, I have started running 😍 I love running and I’ve been trying to track a very active running club in my city for a while now. I recently got hold of their number through a mutual friend and have started running with them. One word to describe it, EXHILARATING. ENERGIZING. EXUBERANT.. oh did i use more than one word? Hell yeah, that’s because I’m that excited about this thing. I ran 5.7kms on day one. Hopefully I better my performance tomorrow. 

Goodnight (or good morning) and happy weekend! 😍