Some Statements here n there!

I, at long last, caved into this statement jewelry craze and bought two necklaces recently. Tada! Exhibit A


I wanted this necklace to really be the hero of the look today and hence decided to underplay the rest of my look. (To the extent that some people thought I forgot a jacket or some/any other dress completer back home 😂 Relax y’all her highness is not always strutting around looking like she has on her an entire shop. It’s called S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y. 😜)
So…this is how I looked. Brace yourselves.




Yes I wore a white T-shirt blue jeans and white pumps and FYI all you enquirers about my dull outfit, the necklace WAS THE WINNER. Ha! 😜🙌

Anyway, moving on, to other random and just as useless things, I saw this picture recently and I loved it so much that I have been wanting to share it here for y’all to have a good laugh about and nod your heads vigorously in assent


That thing takes so long to nail perfectly it’s not even funny! 😒

Moving on one last time to my last bit of interesting news, I have started running 😍 I love running and I’ve been trying to track a very active running club in my city for a while now. I recently got hold of their number through a mutual friend and have started running with them. One word to describe it, EXHILARATING. ENERGIZING. EXUBERANT.. oh did i use more than one word? Hell yeah, that’s because I’m that excited about this thing. I ran 5.7kms on day one. Hopefully I better my performance tomorrow. 

Goodnight (or good morning) and happy weekend! 😍

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