Festive Beginnings – Ft. Baka/rebecca – Part 1

October for all Indians means only one thing! The most vibrant Quarter of the year is here! Every year I remember as a kid, the whole atmosphere at home and at school used to undergo a shift when October sets in and I realize the same excitement has transcended well into adulthood as well!

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Summer Styles IV/IV – Off to Brunch!

A nice three day weekend only means one thing! A delayed post 😆! But this is a good one so I strongly urge you to read on! 😉

Summers are a definite no pants time! Unfortunately there are only so many options when you try to fully remove pants from your outfit equation! So I sat thinking about how I could sneak pants into this look book and lo and behold! 👇🏾

PALAZZO pants are the answer to all your sweaty qualms! They are comfy airy and totally fit into our “summer no pant but need something like it” condition! 

I went for the boss lady look and the pictures just don’t tell the whole story of how I was giggling in between each shot! 😆

I never usually have the confidence to truly pull off a print on print look but the minute I bought this crop top I knew the abstract patterns and the whites, blues and greys would totally compliment the neat vertical symmerty of these dark blue palazzo pants! 

At last a smile! lol

I absolutely loved the way these pictures have turned out! The blue of the random garage door and the words on it, the casual spread of the dried pink Bougainville and the shadows and sunny spots created by the trees add such a classy charm to the whole setting! Thank you Sneha Chandrashekar (Instagram handle: @purplecurlss) for these spectacular images! 😍 

Outfit Details: Crop top – Stay Fabulous (Facebook), Palazzo Pants – Splash, Heels – Gift from a special person from Zara’s ❤️, Watch – Tommy Hilfiger

Though I came a day late the stuff I brought along were pretty latest right!? 😂 Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I’m so bummed it’s the last of the summer look book series because I had soooo much fun creating it. But fret not I have a couple of really cool blog ideas I’ll be working on very soon! So until next time, ciao! ❤️

Summer Style – Part II/IV – Beach Vibes 

Summers, mild ones atleast are associated with the beach! Nothing can beat a cool summer day at the beach and being in a tropical country in general and a coastal city in specific we usually get a lot of Vitamin Sea! This outfit symbolizes beachy vibes for me and once you take a look you’ll agree too! 

Long skirts are the shizz for summer days and the wind beneath (or to be honest in between!) your legs is priceless! 

I paired this dandelion printed skirt with a yellow hakoba (?) top and a last minute addition were these pair of reflector shades which I flicked from a friend who came to help us out with the photoshoot! 

I love the casual vibe of this photoshoot and I had better liked it because I paid the auto driver a good amount to shoot with his auto rickshaw! :/ 

As beachy as this outfit may look, Sneha Chandrashekaran (follow her on Instagram @purplecurlss (yes a double s)) my photographer, stood her ground and flat out refused to do this shoot on the sea shore and I’m glad she thought this was a way cooler idea, it was after way cooler this way, wasn’t it! 

Outfit Details: Top – Splash, Skirt – Stay Fabuluous, Reflector shades – Flicked from friend (she bought it at Forever 21 though!) 

Hope you guys enjoyed part two of the four part series! Excited about the remaining two too! Have a fantastic week ahead! Lots of love 

Buy Rice Back – Ft. My Name is Kumar Foundation 

About the My Name Is Kumar Foundation 

When Renee Schreurs and Tim Loonen came to Chennai in 2012 little did they know their life was going to turn upside down. Being associated with the CARE foundation, Netherlands born couple Renee and Time came for a six months visit to Ozhalur which is a small village near Chennai. When it was time to leave they realised they had created such lasting bonds with the children there that they knew they had to do something in order to provide better quality of living and education for these kids, (their kids almost!), and that is how the MyNameIsKumar Foundation was set up.

This voluntary, social organisation, supports the CARE foundation in providing all the resources required to lead a complete nutritious and a well educated and balanced life for 37 children who if not for this foundation would have to resort to begging to fend for themselves coming from the abject poverty they live in and cannot even think about education.

Story behind the Funny Name 

One day Renee and Tim were taking around a few kids who were old enough to join schools to all the local schools so that it could be decided which school they wanted to join and this one kid called Sathish had a lisp and was finding it difficult to spell his name without stammering. This earned him some amount of teasing by the other kids. So when the Principal of the next school asked for his name he was quick to say “My Name is Kumar” which had everyone rolling in laughter. It was this quick witted moment which gave this foundation its name! Let’s meet some of Kumar’s friends who are now part of the 37 kids. Find more such pictures at www.mynameiskumar.org

What we can do to help 

For four months every year, this couple are in India looking after the needs of the foundation, meeting people, crowdfunding and spending time with their 37 kids and the in house volunteers who actually take care of these kids

The main source of raising funds by this Organisation is through the http://www.buyriceback.org/ movement. The entire South India uses and reuses its Rice Bags as rice bags at first and they as mattresses and carpets because they retain warmth. This recyclability of rice bags got this couple thinking about the fun ways of reusing them, and just like that the spark to recreate them into useful things like totes, big shoppers, makeup kits and laptop sleeves was born! Proceeds from sale of these articles beyond the basic cost goes fully to support the needs of the My Name is Kumar Foundation.

Photoshoot Time!

It was a few months ago that I happened to meet this inspiring couple through a mutual friend (Hi Jaydeep! 😋) and we decided to do a mini photoshoot featuring these bags and laptop sleeves (and Renee and Tim in Indian clothes which they looked adorable in!) which by the way are so colorful that they are such a fashion statement and we had so much fun doing it. Here are the pictures!


Renee with their best seller The Rose Tote Bag


Renee with the Two Doves laptop sleeve


Just us chillin in an empty bus!



Why hello Tim! Tim and Renee with a sleeve and tote!

Some of their best sellers


Some of their best sellers


To us! 🍻

For a long time the BuyRiceBack initiative was carried out in several countries through local agents and stockists and now finally they are in Indian ❤️😍 If you are feeling generous and you want to touch and change the lives of 37 beautiful children all you got to do is log onto http://www.buyriceback.org/shop to purchase these colorful and super useful and sturdy bags. Incase you are from India and the website does not accept your purchase, all you got to do is shoot an e-mail to renee@mynameiskumar.org and place your order there. (The team is working on setting up a webshop in India, so fret not! :D)  You can also choose from their wide range of laptop sleeves, makeup kits and pillow cushions through the same site. Also, for donations, contributions and collaborations please head over to http://www.mynameiskumar.org/donate-now/ and show these kids the love they truely deserve!

Tim and Renee I think you are so inspiring. Keep touching these lives and know that we are always rooting for you! ❤️


Cape of Some Hope! Ft. Just My Luck!

Capes are one of those pieces I’d completely written off my wish list  because they are always so thin and sheer and are basically attires which accentuate your curves when the silhouette alone shows off. That, or they make less fit and fab people like me look splotchier than usual because they accentuate the bumps as much as they do the curves. 😝 and then there are winter coats and capes which not me, but my city helped me eliminate as a clothing option because hey hey hey, winter is nonexistent in Chennai remember? 😂😐

That’s when this double Ikat cape came along and completely changed my opinion about capes and I’ve known no comfort ever since. 😊 It’s just amazing! What’s also amazing is the brand Just My Luck by A and M and its enthusiastic and charming owner Aruna with whom I got a chance to collaborate to present this post 😊

I’ve put together two looks with one cape. – a beach party look and an office party look, and let’s see how you like them!

Look 1 : Beach Party









This look was all about playing it cool and casual like how we would at a beach party. This cape has some beautiful pink blue and green floral patchwork along the border and that inspired me to go blue-green to match the cape. This is also the first time I’m actually posed for pictures. So tell me what you think 😀
Before we move to the next look, here’s one last picture, which obviously didn’t make the cut, but I loved too much to not include. 😝


Outfit details : Cape / long coat – Just my Luck by A & M | Blue shirt and green shorts – Vero Moda | Sandals – Bata | Necklace used as head gear (howaboudthat? 😉) – Thrift shopped off the roads of Besant Nagar, Chennai.

Look 2 : The office party









This look is a dressier version of the cape. It can be interpreted as “how you would go to an office party” or as “how you would go to a party from office” 😊 I have, here, paired the cape with a formal high waist trousers, a high-low blouse which when tucked in passes as a formal shirt and some heels. I added the head gear for some attitude… Honestly how cool is adding such head gear? (So proud of the self. 😇😂)

Outfit Details : Same cape by Just my Luck | Shirt with mild hakoba work – Nuon from Westside | High waist trousers – Marks and Spencers | Earrings and Necklace on the head – Pantaloons | Bandage Heels – Bata once again!

I had so much fun working with Aruna on this post. Its so easy and motivating when people you get to collaborate with are so full of zest and creativity. Just my Luck by A & M uses contemporary and traditional Indian fabrics like ikat, kalamkari, silks and cottons in western outfits like capes, shorts, palazzo pants, jackets, and kaftans. The founders have a love affair with their prints and colors and that’s visible on every piece of clothing they put together. Check out their collection on Facebook by clicking here or on Instagram by clicking here !!

That would be all from me folks. Watch this space for one more amazing outfit post from Just my Luck. Have a great week. Pull out those stappy heels, feel uncomfortable as hell, but walk tall anyway and take Monday headlong. 😂😉

The Two Trends I Tried!!!

Hiiiii!!! Yes I’m positively excited! You know what’s better than styling new clothes and blogging about them? Styling old clothes in a new way and blogging about them of course silly!!! 😝😎

So I have forever had an amazing blue and white striped T-shirt which are one of those pieces which we be like “aww you cute thing” but put it back into the closet for it to sleep a little longer 😋 because the neck is a little deeper than my liking. Little did I know that this T-shirt will lend itself so beautifully well to layering. When that idea struck me there was no looking back after that.!


How about that!?! 😍 I decided to layer this T-shirt with my polka dotted and collared chambray shirt and voila I have jumped on the polka dots and stripes bandwagon! 😂


So this shirt T-shirt combo I paired with the M&S chinos which I’ve shown on this blog gazillion times before. Hey it’s a great color and its the most comfortable trousers in the world :mrgreen:😍!


A last minute addition was this beautiful sling bag lent by my dear friend Preethi because before me she thought that this bag will really complete this look. That’s why I love her! 🙂

Its from a really cool brand called 3 mad chicks. They have the quirkiest bags. All Indian bloggers, this is the cue where you stop reading my blog and check out 3 mad chicks.
Just kidding!! Hold on!!! Complete reading this post and then shop! 😜

A last minute addition was a really old quirky chain…just because!! What do you think? :mrgreen:


The earrings were zircon-like studs and they really added spark to the otherwise sober outfit


How beautifully I can fake a candid pose! 😂😋

So!!! That was one trend I tried. The second one is a hairstyle. I’ve been loving the messy bun many actresses are regularly sporting lately. Especially loved Jennifer Lawrence’s look


I couldn’t afford it to be this messy because I was heading to work in fact 😋 so I tried a neater version of this messy bun with this outfit and boy was I satisfied !!


While I thought my layers are going to mess things up for this look..I was like…oh wait I need that messy look right 😂


So all-in-all I call this a success outfit! Have you tried this polka dots n stripes trend before? Have you sported a messy bun before? Do tell me! Have a lovely weekend! So long folks!! 💝💝

Some Statements here n there!

I, at long last, caved into this statement jewelry craze and bought two necklaces recently. Tada! Exhibit A


I wanted this necklace to really be the hero of the look today and hence decided to underplay the rest of my look. (To the extent that some people thought I forgot a jacket or some/any other dress completer back home 😂 Relax y’all her highness is not always strutting around looking like she has on her an entire shop. It’s called S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y. 😜)
So…this is how I looked. Brace yourselves.




Yes I wore a white T-shirt blue jeans and white pumps and FYI all you enquirers about my dull outfit, the necklace WAS THE WINNER. Ha! 😜🙌

Anyway, moving on, to other random and just as useless things, I saw this picture recently and I loved it so much that I have been wanting to share it here for y’all to have a good laugh about and nod your heads vigorously in assent


That thing takes so long to nail perfectly it’s not even funny! 😒

Moving on one last time to my last bit of interesting news, I have started running 😍 I love running and I’ve been trying to track a very active running club in my city for a while now. I recently got hold of their number through a mutual friend and have started running with them. One word to describe it, EXHILARATING. ENERGIZING. EXUBERANT.. oh did i use more than one word? Hell yeah, that’s because I’m that excited about this thing. I ran 5.7kms on day one. Hopefully I better my performance tomorrow. 

Goodnight (or good morning) and happy weekend! 😍