The Two Trends I Tried!!!

Hiiiii!!! Yes I’m positively excited! You know what’s better than styling new clothes and blogging about them? Styling old clothes in a new way and blogging about them of course silly!!! 😝😎

So I have forever had an amazing blue and white striped T-shirt which are one of those pieces which we be like “aww you cute thing” but put it back into the closet for it to sleep a little longer 😋 because the neck is a little deeper than my liking. Little did I know that this T-shirt will lend itself so beautifully well to layering. When that idea struck me there was no looking back after that.!


How about that!?! 😍 I decided to layer this T-shirt with my polka dotted and collared chambray shirt and voila I have jumped on the polka dots and stripes bandwagon! 😂


So this shirt T-shirt combo I paired with the M&S chinos which I’ve shown on this blog gazillion times before. Hey it’s a great color and its the most comfortable trousers in the world :mrgreen:😍!


A last minute addition was this beautiful sling bag lent by my dear friend Preethi because before me she thought that this bag will really complete this look. That’s why I love her! 🙂

Its from a really cool brand called 3 mad chicks. They have the quirkiest bags. All Indian bloggers, this is the cue where you stop reading my blog and check out 3 mad chicks.
Just kidding!! Hold on!!! Complete reading this post and then shop! 😜

A last minute addition was a really old quirky chain…just because!! What do you think? :mrgreen:


The earrings were zircon-like studs and they really added spark to the otherwise sober outfit


How beautifully I can fake a candid pose! 😂😋

So!!! That was one trend I tried. The second one is a hairstyle. I’ve been loving the messy bun many actresses are regularly sporting lately. Especially loved Jennifer Lawrence’s look


I couldn’t afford it to be this messy because I was heading to work in fact 😋 so I tried a neater version of this messy bun with this outfit and boy was I satisfied !!


While I thought my layers are going to mess things up for this look..I was like…oh wait I need that messy look right 😂


So all-in-all I call this a success outfit! Have you tried this polka dots n stripes trend before? Have you sported a messy bun before? Do tell me! Have a lovely weekend! So long folks!! 💝💝

11 thoughts on “The Two Trends I Tried!!!

  1. Hi! I’ve been looking at some chambray blazers online. How does the material hold up? Does it crease easily? Or would you recommend a polyester mix?

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    • Chambray Blazers? You mean overcoats? If you ask me, I would suggest you get a normal chambray shirt. Because it will definitely work out cheaper and because you can actually use it three ways! As a shirt, as a overcoat and as a layer inside a T-shirt.!
      And yes chambray creases real easy! It isn’t as sturdy as denim! So if an option of polyester mix is available go for it! 💝


    • Aww thank you so much April 💝 I got so excited when I realized the two tops go so well together. The chain was a last minute addition and it worked. Yayy! 😊
      And about hairstyles, any hairstyle I can do, you can do it too!! Because I have weird hair..oily at the roots and dry at the tips..! 😕 its just a matter of knowing how to tame it I guess. Hehe

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