Super-Suit for the Pseudo-Superhero

Have I told you guys about this before? I teach English through an NGO to kids from deprived backgrounds.

Now this NGO I work for is really cool. The people are crazy, fun and amazing. I’ve always felt like I’ve been around extremely judgmental people in life, but here you could be who you want and they will wholly embrace that. Which I love.. Does all this even make sense? Yes moving on! 😜

So for the first time after I joined, we had a small get together where close to 100 of us met up last weekend.

The theme for this party was Superheros We apparently were the real superheros doing better superhero-y things than the reel superheros… Get the drift? 😁

I decided to be Captain America and decided to spice things up by adding one additional piece of clothing! You’ll see.


Yes! A little flashback now 💫💫 my school sports day was one big flashy event. Selected students (the student council they call it) were asked to march in blazers-shirt-tie outfit. That blazer is usually bought from the cheapest shop possible because we used to wear them exactly once. So much so, my blazer is not even to be found. Burnt it perhaps! Lol 😂 (what! It was an eye sore Ok?) This blazer on the other hand is my sister’s. Since she finished school only two years back, this blazer was safely put away in the loft and I in a very fashion bloggerly style hunted it down because I decided a superhero outfit needed a blazer! How about that!?!


I wore this superhero-suit with plain blue jeans.


Bad photos as usual because..well..I didn’t have my photographer-work-friend to click them!


Could I entertain you with a wink and distract you from the otherwise shoddy photography and the background? 😎
Haha!! Have an amazing rest of the week y’all! 💝💝

P.S. 5 hours after publishing this post, I thought up of a better title so I went ahead and changed it from Super-suiting to Super-Suit for the Pseudo-Superhero 😜

18 thoughts on “Super-Suit for the Pseudo-Superhero

  1. Wow !!! That’s a really cute outfit !!! The blazer is absolutely stunning 😊I just love this combi 😘😘😘 Remember… We were discussing about balzers the other day ??? May be you should try it with a fomal outfit too 😊 What say ???

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  2. With all the running, teaching, working going around your life is so happening!! 😊. Btw I really admire the fact that you find time to help others. Way to go Shilpa. And blazer looks great on the top! Loved it. Hope you had fun.

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    • Thank you so much shruti.. This comment made me so happy. And it’s true I push myself because I feel not having time is so not true. If you love doing something you’ll make the time and do it.
      I’m really going to have to invest in a good blazer (maybe colorful this time?) Because even I love the way it looks. 🙂 thank you!!

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  3. Hi! Where is that blazer from? It looks super! And wrt the previous post, yes, I meant chambray blazer only! Check out stalk buy love, they have those listed. You are looking effortlessly chic, btw. Total loves.

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    • Mridu kutty 😘 hi I saw that chambray blazer and it looks nice! Go for it! Although I also suggest you go to phoenix mall and just check out promod n veto moda blazers. More or less same price plus you get to be sure of the fit. Tell me which you choose 😊


    • This comment made my day 😊 yes working with such smart kids puts so many things to perspective. They are like uncut diamonds waiting eagerly to be polished so that they can shine!! 😍 its an amazing experience indeed!!


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