The week that was!

I have had quite a good last week and I thought I should share all that fun with you guys. Nothing much yet fashion or clothes wise because I’m trying to lie low as I’ve been spending way too much the past few months. So its the other things like these:

I have seriously started becoming pretty good at this stuff to be honest. From not even being able to do a simple braid I’ve started getting all inventive-y. Check out muh mane yo! 😎😂


This is the cool hairstyle to try especially when your hair is still slightly damp and you have to rush for work. Side partition, take a bunch on either side, twist-twist-twist, secure in the centre with hairpins. Voila! Done!


This is the side french braid and I got the inspiration to try out this braid from pinterest. Its the simple case of doing a normal french braid but instead of starting in the Centre, start at one end and work your way through to the other end.
Check out the DIY here!

Poster Birthday Gifts



Two friends celebrated their birthdays the past week and I gifted them these cool posters I made out of canvas and got them framed. They are great gifts because they are personalized, handmade, and easy to make.

Kurti and Harem Pant (trend I tried!)




In India, a short shirt with some traditional embroidery or motif work done on it is called a kurti and I have been wearing this one for a while now with boring old blue jeans. It was only recently that I realized the red delicate embroidery on its neckline and sleeves lends itself so beautifully to be teamed with red harem pants. So I tried it and it was a real hit at work 😍
I also found the right pair of footwear with the same combination of colors so all-in-all I was thrilled with the look 🙂

That’s all from me folks. Enjoy your week ahead. Plan well and get lots of stuff done this week 🙂

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