First Blog Anniversary!


Its been a year! A year since I decided I wanted to blog! A year since I realized clothes, styling and writing are my true passions and decided to follow them. A year since I decided to give up apprehensions about how good or bad I might be at this and get down to business and find out. A year since I started discovering how beautiful, giving, welcoming and heartwarming the blogging community is. A year since I made so many strong soul-matey connections with various bloggers all over the world.

I know I haven’t come too far from the start line and I definitely can’t write award winning books like “how I made $40k my first year of blogging” (there is really one such book 😋) Hell I can’t even write about making $40 in my first year of blogging but what I can talk about are the friends, readers and memories I have made this one year and I can talk about what a well rounded personality blogging has made me. Its amazing what like minded people when brought together on a common platform like this can do.

This blog and the people that make it have become very close to my heart through the course of this year and I thank you all so much for showing me so much love! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.



Just a Gesture!

For me a gesture is all that matters. However small and however simple it is that thoughtful gesture that truly counts.
I completed a year at work today and my friend Preeti (my blog’s official photographer too 🙂 ) being the thoughtful and sweet one that she always is surprised me with a gift.



A small extremely cute desk-clock. I was so touched, moved, and amazed by her gesture. The fact that this clock is so adorably cute and useful is ONLY an added bonus. What really mattered was how she remembered. How she took the trouble. How she did not think this wasn’t occasion enough to remember. Thank you.

Your kindness, warmth, practicality and maturity has been such a motivation for me since the day we met Preeti. A gesture was all it took and I was a happy-puppy all day long :D. You take on the world with that same smiling face as you’ve been doing for so many years. You are my inspiration.
I know this doesn’t suffice but a small gesture from my end for being so thoughtful. A wordcloud with all the words I associate you with. I Love you.