First Blog Anniversary!


Its been a year! A year since I decided I wanted to blog! A year since I realized clothes, styling and writing are my true passions and decided to follow them. A year since I decided to give up apprehensions about how good or bad I might be at this and get down to business and find out. A year since I started discovering how beautiful, giving, welcoming and heartwarming the blogging community is. A year since I made so many strong soul-matey connections with various bloggers all over the world.

I know I haven’t come too far from the start line and I definitely can’t write award winning books like “how I made $40k my first year of blogging” (there is really one such book 😋) Hell I can’t even write about making $40 in my first year of blogging but what I can talk about are the friends, readers and memories I have made this one year and I can talk about what a well rounded personality blogging has made me. Its amazing what like minded people when brought together on a common platform like this can do.

This blog and the people that make it have become very close to my heart through the course of this year and I thank you all so much for showing me so much love! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


28 thoughts on “First Blog Anniversary!

    • Sonam those words from you inspire me as much as make my heart melt. Yes! Thanks to blogging I got to meet such wonderful people and you top that list. Thank you so much. Love you 💝😍💝😍


  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Congratulations on completion of one year of blogging. Your courage to follow your passion inspires me. And you are really good at it too!

    The blog is quirky and fun and definitely reflects your love for fashion. Continue blogging!

    I will always be a fan!


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    • Sindhuja!! Thank you so so much. You’re comment made my day the minute I saw it! I can’t believe I took this long to reply to it tho! Sorry! Yes this blog gives me the creative outlet I needed when it was so badly lacking in my life and career and its the one thing I truly enjoy and love doing.
      So happy when people like you appreciate it and actually spared time to tell me. Thanks a lot 😀

      Are you a Sindhuja I know? 😀 if so, hi ❤


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