Trends I have to try! Like SERIOUSLY HAVE TO!

I had so many content related photo shoot kinda posts ready and yet I chose to put up a trends to try post today! Nah I’m just kidding! I had a horribly busy week and weekend so I had no time for a post and hence ba-dum-tssss a “trends to try” post!! 😍

So diving right into the topic, this is a list of new and not so new trends which I have been wanting to try for so long now, but I just haven’t been able to lay my hands on the perfect piece of each trend so the wait continues! 😔 I’m also realising that I probably should have released this post before my birthday so my friends could have used it like a checklist to buy me my gifts (Lel level max!) 

1. Co-ordinates (or co-ords as they are coolly called!) 


Remember when we were in school in kindergarten and we were dressed in these matching skirt and blouse pieces? Well they are back in trend now, so bring em matching matchings out! Or head over to where you can find yourself some cool coords! (Psst..the plain orange upon orange one is mine! Stay off that piece 😂)

2. Tassel / Fringe bag 


Have you like found a trend really gross when it first hit the ramp and then you slowly and gradually graduated to really loving them? (Like the Birkenstocks!?!)  That’s what happened to me with these Bags! They scream laid back street style like nothing else and what’s funny is that, that’s one style I can never pull off … Like nevaaa! 😑

3. Pineapple print everything 


What’s with the pineapple print craze anyway? That’s a question you won’t find me asking because I’m going crazyyyy sillyyyy over this print! And I think this will be the first among this list of trends I might actually end up trying! They are so fresh summery and comfy! Whats the complain? 😆

4. Jumpsuits 😒😢


Being short, not really thin and kinda broad and … (Ya you get the drift don’t you?) is a real bummer when the trend you want to try is a jumpsuit! This was one trend I was kinda ashamed to write about because ummm…jumpsuits…ummm…fashion blogger kinda obvious I would have to have at least one jumpsuit right? WRONG! 😡😡 because I seem to never find one that fits me horizontally AND vertically 😂

5. The flowy synthetic maxi skirt 



Wow..that might be my favorite trend to try ..the maxi! While I do have wrap arounds and maxis in cotton I don’t have one in this supremely figure accentuating and beatifically falling sheer or synthetic material and I really want one! (Yup I’ll give you my shipping address! Please? 😭) 

So that’s a round up of the trends I want to and have to try peeps! Tell me what your trends to try are and we can both obsess about them too 😍😁 sounds like a plan? Haha ! Have a nice weekend readers! Let’s hope we get through this week in one piece 😂

P.S.: Source for every picture was Pinterest by the way! 

I got my Neon This One!

Hahaha don’t my punny titles crack you up? Please say it did! 😂 So! Say hey to my next four part segment – “Neon-daze” (Remember my Orange is the new black Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4? No? Oh very well!😝)

These segments are here to show my neon obsession in life! Right from a little before it came into being trendy and well after the trend has died a peaceful death I continue to be the moth attracted to the bright neon haze and be dazed in it (am I killing these rhyming words or what! 👐😂)
Well when it does come back in vogue, I can at least say “Duh! Been there done, doing, will continue to do that!” Can you?!? Tell?

Moving on! I present to you the first neon in my wardrobe! A shocking pink and white blouse. Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing shirts and blouses over t-shirts, so that’s what I did here too..! Ba-dum-tsss cover your eyes and take a peak at this neon-over-neon-overdose!



This neon pink and white shirt I bought at a cute thrift store in Malaysia and paired it with this butterfly T-shirt a friend who visited France bought back for me.
It was such a clash of brash colors but I had a lot of FUN wearing them.
To give some respite to sore eyes I paired this look with plain black jeans.
Psst… my earrings were neon too! Muhahaha!


Hope you have an amazing weekend. My weekend is going to be super fun. I can just feel it already! 😍 Stay happy and safe.!