I got my Neon This One!

Hahaha don’t my punny titles crack you up? Please say it did! 😂 So! Say hey to my next four part segment – “Neon-daze” (Remember my Orange is the new black Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4? No? Oh very well!😝)

These segments are here to show my neon obsession in life! Right from a little before it came into being trendy and well after the trend has died a peaceful death I continue to be the moth attracted to the bright neon haze and be dazed in it (am I killing these rhyming words or what! 👐😂)
Well when it does come back in vogue, I can at least say “Duh! Been there done, doing, will continue to do that!” Can you?!? Tell?

Moving on! I present to you the first neon in my wardrobe! A shocking pink and white blouse. Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing shirts and blouses over t-shirts, so that’s what I did here too..! Ba-dum-tsss cover your eyes and take a peak at this neon-over-neon-overdose!



This neon pink and white shirt I bought at a cute thrift store in Malaysia and paired it with this butterfly T-shirt a friend who visited France bought back for me.
It was such a clash of brash colors but I had a lot of FUN wearing them.
To give some respite to sore eyes I paired this look with plain black jeans.
Psst… my earrings were neon too! Muhahaha!


Hope you have an amazing weekend. My weekend is going to be super fun. I can just feel it already! 😍 Stay happy and safe.!

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