Look Book Series : Tan Bag Look #3 – Off to Work

Hi guys! So today I’m back with the last and final look in the tan bag look book series! It’s a traditional Indian office wear look! It’s Monday and you’re looking for some inspiration to dress up to work aren’t you? Well let’s consider this post to be God sent then 😆😋 

While in my last two looks with this bag I tried mixing it with contrasting materials like denim and colours like navy blue, in this look I took the amateur and straight forward route! Used the colours appearing in the bag to make an outfit! And Ta-da here’s what I got! 🎶

While you are looking at the pictures, imagine me to be standing next to you clapping my hands 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 and jumping up and down like a five year old because I’m thrilled about how well I think these pictures have come out! All thanks to my friend and upcoming photographer Pranav and the amazing graffiti walls we decided to use as the backdrop! 

Coming back to my outfit (yes I definitely will yap about it for sometime and you have to read through that! Please 😭😂) So the white kurta and white leggings look has come up on the blog a couple of times before, as this is my go to attire when it’s not the dress but something else it the outfit which needs to stand out! In this case it was this beautiful Dupatta and the bag and the sandals of course 😃 I have to tell you a little some-some about this Dupatta now! My mom bought this Dupatta close to 15 years ago because she was at that Beautiful expensive Dupatta – with plain yet elegant Salwar kameez phase (don’t we all go through that phase? 😊) and my dad got a brainwave and decided to fabric paint some flowers into it because I think the salwar she wanted to wear it with had these similar flowers. But 15 years later the salwar is gone for good and what remains is this beautiful flowy dupatta and I found it stashed away by mom one day while digging for something else!! La la la laaaa laa! And ever since I found it I have been obsessing with it, pairing it with literally every plain salwar I own, wearing it to work atleast once a week and I decided why not show it to you guys as well 👏🏽😊👏🏽 I also kind of sealed my brown-white play by adding these brown beads and brown (and new!) sandals to this look! 

I think this look compliments the tan bag the best and it makes me office ready too in the process (win-win?). It is a really easy and effective idea to pair the color combination of the statement piece (bag in this case) to make your outfit!

Outfit Details – White Kurta – Fab India, White Leggings – Colors, Dupatta – really old, mum doesn’t really know where it is from although she thinks it’s either from Nalli or Kumaran, Chennai, Tan Bag – Bags by Anqi (Instagram), Sandals – Charles & Keith, Watch – Tommy Hilfiger, Beaded Necklace – Thrifted from Delhi 

That’s all about my look, coming to something else I wanted to tell you guys!  

Pranav and I are friends for the past five years now! And recently he told me how he liked everything about my blog except the quality of the photos and the locations I choose 😂 Pranav wants to take up photography ( fashion or wildlife? Lol) as his serious hobby and very sweetly agreed to use me and my blog as his guinea pig and you won’t hear me complaining about that 😋 thank you Pranav and welcome abroad the Frillthrills team (team? What team 😂😐😂) 

That’s it from me guys! Hope you enjoyed the look book series! Cheers to more such awesome posts coming your way and a bigger toast to the deadly Monday definitely coming your way 😉! 

The Day my Illustration Came Alive!


I gave you guys an update around two months ago about an illustration I tried when I bought a black and white stripes T-shirt. Guess what? I achieved that exact look.! Are you proud of me or what 😝




I bought this skirt from Oasap recently but had written it off as ill fitting … But I decided to fit into it and make it work all the same and I decided it did work out pretty fine after all (whether everyone around me thought the look worked is another issue all together 😜 )
“You look like a munchkin”
“You look uncoordinated”
“You look clownish” were some of the comments I got. But hey, I’m the fashion blogger, not you guys! And a fashion blogger is as a fashion blogger does. So I decided to sweep all that negativity under the carpet and walk tall in my envisioned look all the same! 😁
I wore my jeweled black heels and a black and white pair of earring to complete the look.


What do you guys think? Red-black-white combination for life eh!?! 👍😎👊

This can’t wait!

I’m still neck deep in work and yet I’m unable to resist the urge for a quick post.
So, India celebrates its 68th year of independence on 15th August this year which is tomorrow. This day being a national holiday, all the celebration at work happened today. We were asked to dress up in any attire which best represented our country. And yours truly with her extremely limited out of the box thinking decided to become the Indian flag!!! Haha!!! Photos are in order ofcourse!


I don’t know what I’m so elated about. Just the thought of turning up in my nation’s tricolor I suppose 😀

Happy Independence Day to all my Indian bloggers 🙂 Do something fun this long weekend!

All white everything! And then a PoP!

Hi y’all!! Really excited about this post because of what is in store 🙂
So, my Monday would have been the usual uneventful one if not for a parcel which came on Sunday which I released on Monday. The suspense killing you? I would like to think so! They were new shoes people!!! Yayyy.

I ordered shoes online for the first time and boy am I a happy-puppy 😛 . I have been avoiding purchasing shoes online forever because I was so apprehensive about size and comfort. But a friend assured me that online stores are really cool with trial and error and exchange. Also, I’m off-late realizing that you just dont get the variety in terms of patterns, colors and brands in physical stores as you do online. So this time, I just went for it. B-) It is just a case of following the instructions about how to measure your feet correctly and decide your size. I found really useful instructions here .
The most important tip to keep in mind is to measure both your feet because I found my left foot to be significantly bigger than my right.
Anyway. Let me talk no more 😉 Leaving you with the image of muh killer pumps yo! 😛 LoL!!!





I’m also attaching here the link to the site I made this buy from 🙂
I loved the way this neon polka dots on these pumps added that bright of pop of color to otherwise all-white attire.
I also wore a pair of the same shade of earrings to ensure that the color wasn’t totally irrelevant to what I wore. These are the same earrings I wore for this post !

So what do you think about my Monday OOTD. As usual I’m all ears. Do tell me ❤

P.S.: A shout out to my dear friend and colleague who so patiently puts up with all my antics and clicks my pictures. Thank you so much Preeti 🙂 without you half my posts wouldn't have been here and even so, they wouldn't have been half as good as they are now.