The Day my Illustration Came Alive!


I gave you guys an update around two months ago about an illustration I tried when I bought a black and white stripes T-shirt. Guess what? I achieved that exact look.! Are you proud of me or what 😝




I bought this skirt from Oasap recently but had written it off as ill fitting … But I decided to fit into it and make it work all the same and I decided it did work out pretty fine after all (whether everyone around me thought the look worked is another issue all together 😜 )
“You look like a munchkin”
“You look uncoordinated”
“You look clownish” were some of the comments I got. But hey, I’m the fashion blogger, not you guys! And a fashion blogger is as a fashion blogger does. So I decided to sweep all that negativity under the carpet and walk tall in my envisioned look all the same! 😁
I wore my jeweled black heels and a black and white pair of earring to complete the look.


What do you guys think? Red-black-white combination for life eh!?! 👍😎👊

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