This new year I vow to push my ass and….

1. Start being judicious about them finances (the problems they create towards the month end…deadly! O.o)


2.  Start taking care of my skin. ( World War III : Shilpa vs Acne!)


3. Start shopping on a “oh that’s a versatile piece and I know I want it- go to store – find the blessed piece – scamper back home” basis rather than the “oh my salary is credited lemme aimlessly stroll into the mall – oh I like this oh I like that oh I like the ENTIRE SHOPPP – impulse binge buy every thing I lay eyes on” basis.


3. Read more. Actually let’s make it measurable! Read 12 good books – one a month! (Ya ya blab about it in your stupid blog if that’s what motivation means to you..!) If I might entertain you with a picture which “summarizes” my reading habit.


4. Take up that fondant class I’ve been dreaming of for looong sometime. Get over the obsession ASAP by 1.knowing I suck at it or 2. Knowing I can give peek-a-boo cakes a run for its money *insert maniacal laugh* (or a pitiful gosh-this-chic-needs-help kinda laugh if you please!)


Hahaha ohhhh I crack myself up! 😂

Honestly the resolution list could go on guys but let’s keep it simple shall we ๐Ÿ™‚  I’ve had a lovely 2014 with many ups and very few downs and I hope that’s how things panned out at your end too. Have a happy new year. Stay happy , stay safe , party hardest. Love y’all for loving me so much. Goodnight! 😍😍

14 thoughts on “This new year I vow to push my ass and….

  1. Hahaha.. You crack me up, too! Long time! Interesting year you have planned for yourself! Good luck and all the very best to check off those things off your list of New Year’s Resolutions! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy 2015!


  2. For me it is the opposite. It is all about allowing myself to spend. Are you up for vicarious pleasures? Want to be my personal shopper? :p

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    • Hahaha so cute.. I am pinching your cheeks at the moment ! Vicarious pleasures ๐Ÿ˜‚ yes indeed. Tell me when and tell me where and ill be there. Its a deal!


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