Paisley (S)Carving!

Question: What do you get when your fashion challenged boyfriend feels exceptionally generous and he knows he struck luck when he once bought me a scarf and I loved it?
Answer: Buy me another scarf of course silly! Haha

Yes! He felt very giving and hence splurged on a scarf and boy do I love it 😍
It’s a satin paisley patterned scarf and it’s beautiful.


I tried wearing it with one outfit today. I’m going to try and do more with it soon!!
I have tied this scarf three ways.

Type one: The simple loop and through


As simple as folding the scarf breadth wise into two, and draping it around the neck and pulling the loose ends side into the loop on the other side.

Type 2: The very simple muffler style


Get a square (I had to fold this scarf twice to get that, but many scarfs are naturally squarish). Now make a triangle by joining opposite ends and let the triangle face down and tie the loose ends at the nape of your neck.

Type 3: The slightly complicated loop-de-loop!
Yes I named that style myself because try as I might, I just couldn’t figure out what the normal world calls that type. 😜
So here’s a step by step for this type.


Easy eh? Just a case of loop once , around the neck, one end goes inside loop, loop again, other end goes in next! Ta-da!!



Its fancy too!!!! See??

Honestly, there are exactly two million, nine hundred and twenty seven thousand, six hundred and forty three (2,927,643) types of wearing a scarf. Duh! That was totally NOT a made up number! Look it up on pinterest and google you guys, you’ll be amazed how well a scarf can compliment your outfit.
So how do you scarf yourself up? πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Paisley (S)Carving!

  1. I have a ZILLION scarves (wearing a yellow silk one right now) and I try all sorts of ways. I like the loop one above πŸ™‚ and I like the wrap around once kind, with two ends of scarf hanging off. πŸ˜€
    Ever worn a snood? They’re good for the cold!

    And i LOVE your scarf!


    • Haha another scarf fanatic I see? Awesome *fist pump* 😝 yes the loop is the most comfortable way of wearing the it. Scarfs brighten up outfit instantly don’t you think 😍 I live in Chennai in India which doesn’t have winters. Very tropical. So Ive never tried snoods! πŸ˜•

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