Summer Style – Part III/IV – Nature Hues

Hi you guys! It feels great to be sticking to a routine and coming back to the blog every Monday 😀 wonder how long that’s gonna last for… Anyway let’s fuggedaboudit for a moment now and talk about the next summer styling idea and it is *drumroll* the traditional Salwar/Chudidhar and Kameez! 

The salwar kameez is a traditional Indian three piece suit which has a kameez which is a top that you can equate to a knee length dress and a salwar/patiala pant/Chudidhar which is the pant and a dupatta which is shawl we cover our torso with! 

The Patiala or simply a salwar pant has a lot of gathering and looks great with a short top or a tshirt even! The Chudidhar bottom is comes more like a tightish pant (that’s what I’m wearing in this look!) 

This outfit was infact bought on my birthday! A gift from me to me 😛 last year! It wasn’t a set when I bought it (just putting that in so you would be like oooh how do you mix n match so well!! Lol!)  

This salwar has Churi sleeves which means the sleeves like the pant has gatherings at the end too! Its pure cotton and feels great to wear! 

Salwars in general are a great option to wear in summer and whenever it’s possible to ditch the dupatta, do it because honestly, minimalism in any which way possible in a 40â€ĒC weather is extremely essential! 

I’m just realizing all the three summer looks I have put together this time are yellow and green so much for variety! 

i will stand up on the bench and pose. Because I can!

Outfit Details: The whole set – top, pant and dupatta – Fab India, Slippers – Koblerr, Earrings – Kushals

When we did the whole photoshoot for the four outfits I must say this outfit was my least favourite because I was feeling all conscious in it…I know it’s just a salwar! What’s to feel conscious right? So anyway, I was dreading seeing the pictures of this one but I must say this Sneha Chandrashekar knows what she’s doing! Follow her on Instagram where she goes by the handle @purplecurlss! âĪïļ

That ladies (and the very few gentlemen who read my blog!) brings us to the end of Part 3 of the 4 part summer series! So tell me are you enjoying the looks? Did you try to create a summer look yourself? Comment below cause I would love to know. Have a fabulous week! Bye! 

Decoding – WorkWear – What’s your Go To Quirk?

Haven’t we all had weeks where its just Wednesday and we be like “What? Shouldn’t it have been Friday already?” You say every week of yours is like that? Hehe shhh! 🙊But when we have such slow weeks what do we do? How do we survive through the rest of the week? While I don’t know about guys, girls I do know have a go-to style of dressing to help them get over the week. This week’s post is all about this Go-To Quirk which we all have and so many pretty friends of mine willingly agreed to share their Quirk for the Tough Week.

Quirk One : Preeti makes pretty statements


I for one know for a fact that when Preeti my friend and colleague brings out her amazing range of statement necklaces it means she’s heating her week up because not much has been happening. It’s true isn’t it?

Inference : Amp up your simple boring dress! Accessorize like there is no tomorrow!

Quirk 2 : Ranjini Does Layers


When I asked Ranjini what her go to quirk was she readily shared this picture of her in several layers. While this was in a colder country, I’m guessing her quirk (like one of my many quirks) is layering, either in thermals like the pic above or in cool cottons when she heads back to the ever tropical ever hot Chennai 🙂 thank you Ranjini 😘 try as I might, I just wasn’t able to crop out the stray napkin sorry. Hahaha

Inference : Love your layers. Always remember, two’s better than one!

Quirk 3 : Pastel style by Srishty


I must confess, when Srishty of Life Of srish shared this picture of her in pastel formals she might not have been aware that I’ll use it for this particular post. Thank you so much Srishty and I can confidently say Going Pastel is her quirk because we had a discussion a few posts ago about how no one embraces their pastels and srishty quite strongly agreed and openly declared her love for pastels too!

Inference : Pastels may not add much color but they add so much confidence and focus. Embrace them pastels because work wear is incomplete without them!

Quirk 4 : Shilpa does eye blinding color


While I plan on doing a detailed post about Pakistani Cut Kurtis like the one I’m wearing above, this picture is only proof that my dull days get literally brightened up with eye popping, gaze blinding colors.

Inference : Quite a contrast and a contradiction to the previous Quirk but my quirk is to add lot of color to my outfit to bring back interest and add some life into my outfit!

That brings me to the end of this post. Thank you so much all you lovely girls who so readily contributed for my post! I owe you guys one. 😘

Thank you all for reading these posts patiently but right now close this work wear post because its weekend and honestly who cares about what you wear – work or otherwise? Go out and have some fun 💝

Decoding – WorkWear – Work to Party In a Jiffy

Don’t we all secretly cringe at party invites on work days..oh that’s only me? Lazy ol’ me? Ok cool!

But yes when we have to attend an event, a party or a function on a week day the first thing (of the several other sometimes more pressing things to think about) is “what will I wear?” – touch the shrill wailing note for that one.

We have to wear something that is work appropriate for the morning and party appropriate for the evening and more often than not, we can’t carry a truckload of clothes or get a complete make over done in our office washrooms. What we could do instead is be smart about it and not attend work that day (because skipping a fun evening is out of the question..hello!). However, when bunking is not an option we have to get creative around our office outfit to make it party friendly. While there are so many quick fixes to aid this morning to evening transition and it isn’t possible to consolidate them all into one post I decided that at least the basic ideas could be shrunk into one.

First of, how do we define work wear? Serious – sober – pastel – simple and a host of other rather plain adjectives I suppose.
How now do we define party wear?
Fun – edgy – exciting – colorful – glittery and so on. So how does changing one aspect of our outfit and adding one accessory change serious to fun? Sober to edgy? Let’s see won’t we 😀

Look 1 : Get a skirt!
Day : My day look is a sky blue simple blouse with a pair of black trousers.


I decided to keep the look clean and simple with my black bandage heels and a blue pair of studs. I also am carrying my actual handbag to give you the feel guys. 😂


Outfit details : Blouse – Vero Moda, Trousers – Marks and Spencer, Heels – Bata, Handbag – Mumbai Thrift shopped

Evening : For the evening I think I should retain the blouse and change out of those boring trousers and heels. So here’s the transition.


Is that edgy or what?!? So I decided to pair my formal blouse with a fun skirt and change the black heels to a gold glittering platforms and we are good to go 💃👍


Oh and you might want to add some fun blingy earrings, a shimmer clutch and blood red lipstick to just to seal the look.


Outfit details : Skirt – Oasap (online), clutch – Polkadotandyou (Instagram), Platforms – Westside, Lipstick – Colorbar (Sensuous Red of the Take me as I am collection), Earrings – Gift

Look 2 : Beach side party
Day : This one’s by my sister 😘. So the day look is a gray fitted sweater with a pencil skirt


While my sister is nowhere close to working she for some reason hordes up on her formal wear so I’m not complaining right now. 😜


Outfit : Sweater – Gift, Pencil skirt – Van Heusen Woman, Watch – Casio, Formal Heels – Durable Chrome Factory, Handbag – Rocky S Collection

Evening : The evening look is extremely casual. While its up to you to decide the appropriate look for each occasion, I would probably wear such a look for nowhere other than a beach or a house party where comfort is key!


She essentially just left her hair down and got into a pair of shorts and flip-flops and gave the formal handbag a ditch for a simple peach clutch and the look was done. Easy-peasy eh? As a family I think we have a thing for red – red skirt red shorts red blazer red anything red everything 😍


Outfit Details : Shorts : Mango, Clutch : Capresse, FlipFlops : Lotto (online from

Look 3 : One for the Indian
We Indians have a lot of functions. So imagine you get such an invite or say you are heading to a classical dance programme post work and you can’t possibly sit all day at work looking grand and dancer like yourself. So here’s how you work it down


So making a conscious effort to keep it simple, I have paired this silk kurta with a golden salwar.

Outfit Details : Kurta and salwar – FabIndia, Watch – Tommy Hilfiger, Handbag and Earrings – Thrifted Mumbai, Heels – Bata

Evening : For the evening I decided the simplest way to amp up traditional wear would be to go real heavy on the dupatta and accessories.


Oh and I added this lovely golden handbag I recently bought. I haven’t so much as left this bag out of my sight for a second since I bought it and while so far I’ve been thinking of western outfits to wear it with, it was only with this outfit that I realized how well it completes and compliments a traditional look as well!


Outfit details : Netted & Golden Embroidery work Dupatta from another anarkali from Varsidhi (Boutique in Chennai), Black stones set  of earrings and pendent- Narayana Pearls Chennai, Platform Heels – Westside, Golden Messenger Bag – Bags by Anqi (Instagram) – oh do buy a bag from this amazingly talented girl already 😍

Look 4 : Jumpsuit Transition
This look is brought to you all the way from Mumbai from my sweet cousin 😘 So this is how she dressed up and down a jumpsuit to make it office and party ready. This is possible when you invest in a plain jumpsuit in any dark color.


She decided to play around with the fact that a jumpsuit could be seen as a trouser and shirt when layered well. So she paired an all black jumpsuit with a dark blue blazer and tied her hair back for serious official look.


Outfit Details : Blazer – Gift, Jumpsuit – Only, Necklace – Swarovski, Bag – Thrifted Mumbai

Evening : This was the easier part because just removing the blazer and adding some fun statement accessories would do the trick so here’s how she did it 👇


She literally let her hair loose and had fun.

Outfit Details : Necklace – Flea Market from Cannes, Footwear – Inc.5

She in fact had a previous photo she had taken with the jumpsuit at a party and she felt this would be the right time to flaunt it💃


That brings us to the end of this extremely long post (on hindsight I should’ve probably split it into two posts but eh, whatever 😜. The more the merrier right?). This is probably my best post so far because of the work which went into its making. Hope you enjoy is as much as I did making it. Thank you Jaydeep for making me look like the model I most definitely am not. 😜

Also, for this Wednesday’s post, I would love it if you showed me how you change your morning look to your evening look. Do send in your entries to to feature on our blog 🙂 have an amazing week ahead or like me just count the days till next Saturday. 🍹 😍💝

Decoding – Work Wear – Monday Fun day – MonoTurqoChrome

Let’s safely assume that by now you’ve all been waiting to find out how my Monday attire turned out! So here’s a quickie on how we incorporated the fun day concept!


Wear new : My office bestie, blogging confidante, official photographer, and eternal motivator Preeti is all set to move onto bigger and better things in life (😘💝💔:() so as a parting gift she gave amazing turquoise beads. So there came my “wear new” in the form of a most thoughtful gift. 😍 I also very creatively paired this turquoise big beads with a thin gold triple layer chain. (Creatively can be read as flicked Pinterest idea. Ok thank you.)


Wear Easy and Wear Light : I choose this plain white formal shirt and trousers because a) they go beautifully well with turquoise and b) I yelled my throat out to you guys to wear white did I not? How can I break my own rule? 😛


Wear a smile : ⮇👇


More like maniacal grin. Yes I’ll take that 😁💃

Outfit details : Shirt and Trousers – Marks and Spencers, Sandals – Westside (amazing collection of under Rs.1000 my footwear) Turquoise Beads – (gift) Forever 21, Gold Triple layer chain – FashionHub (online store)

Send in your entries for the Monday- Funday post quickly guys! Eager to see them 😍 Send it to or hashtag #frillthrills and I’ll hunt your outfit down! 😛

Decoding – Work Wear – Making Monday Fun-day!

Monday morning blues – a universal term even Martians can relate to don’t you think readers? That said, I have in this post, tried to decode what fashion-wise we can do, to coax ourselves to get out of bed and head to start the week off on a positive note! Let’s begin!

1) Wear new. That was an easy one I suppose, but to me that has the biggest impact. Being the fashion and discount hunters that we are, we always have something new stowed in our wardrobe. Whatcha waiting for readers? Studies show 87% of women release their new clothes on Monday (Nah! Just made that up. Studies show 97% of the statistics quoted are made up. 😂;)) So chop off those price tags and strut your new stuff on Mondays! Do we need better Monday motivation?

Some of my Monday releases in the past have included things as simple as new earrings ⮇


Or a pair of new shoes


Let them even small things like new shades!


So we get the drift don’t we? Make the simplest things count! Makeup, scarf, hairstyle, kurta, handbag, even a hankie if you must, if you have a yet to release piece, the best day to do it would be MON-YAY!

2) Wear Easy and wear light. While most of you might not be into incorporating colors of the day into your outfit, (my mom used to religiously follow this for long. So I’m aware of this color coding) try sticking to Whites or any light pastel tones. Whether this numerologically and astrologically impacts you is a different subject all together, but what its sure to do is make you look smart yet simple, bright yet calm, crisp yet subtle on Mondays which makes you so much more likeable than when you are probably in an angry red shaded shirt or a bright green shaded Salwar Kameez (pssst..a no-work-done Friday needs a not-so-pissed-off boss on Monday remember?;))


White brings out the color of my….Ok..teeth! 😝


Note to self and the world. An all pastel dress code is NEVER a bad idea. ⮆

And that brings us to our last and most important point:

3) Wear confidence and wear a smile. Honestly, that’s the best accessory in the world girls. So wear anything, wear nothing (oh that’s a bit scandalous) but don’t forget to turn on the charm. Let’s face it. Would you like to walk into work and see your colleagues grumpy faced? So flash ’em pearlies and walk tall and charming into work. Remember, that’s half the work done ladies!


Have a great weekend and here’s hoping you incorporate some if not all these suggestions this Monday 🙂 if you did, don’t forget to tell me. 👍

P.S.: A long paragraph to ensue but please do read it. I have to tell you guys this. Big blogging changes are coming up guys. So I decided to listen to my friend’s advice about sticking to a theme per month. So this month is the Work wear month. Every theme gets three to four posts from me. A post per week. Through those three to four weeks I will remind (read: beg/request/bully) you guys to share with me your outfits which relate to that theme in any way and the last post of a particular theme will be a compilation of all my guests’ outfits. 😍 I’m in love with this idea and can’t wait for it to start.

So to begin with, send in your Monday wear (preferably with a small description about the outfit) to and get ready to walk down the frillthrills red carpet!! Sometimes I flatter myself a tad bit too much.😝 Hah! Take care. 💝