Decoding – Work Wear – Monday Fun day – MonoTurqoChrome

Let’s safely assume that by now you’ve all been waiting to find out how my Monday attire turned out! So here’s a quickie on how we incorporated the fun day concept!


Wear new : My office bestie, blogging confidante, official photographer, and eternal motivator Preeti is all set to move onto bigger and better things in life (😘💝💔:() so as a parting gift she gave amazing turquoise beads. So there came my “wear new” in the form of a most thoughtful gift. 😍 I also very creatively paired this turquoise big beads with a thin gold triple layer chain. (Creatively can be read as flicked Pinterest idea. Ok thank you.)


Wear Easy and Wear Light : I choose this plain white formal shirt and trousers because a) they go beautifully well with turquoise and b) I yelled my throat out to you guys to wear white did I not? How can I break my own rule? 😛


Wear a smile : ⬇👇


More like maniacal grin. Yes I’ll take that 😁💃

Outfit details : Shirt and Trousers – Marks and Spencers, Sandals – Westside (amazing collection of under Rs.1000 my footwear) Turquoise Beads – (gift) Forever 21, Gold Triple layer chain – FashionHub (online store)

Send in your entries for the Monday- Funday post quickly guys! Eager to see them 😍 Send it to or hashtag #frillthrills and I’ll hunt your outfit down! 😛

8 thoughts on “Decoding – Work Wear – Monday Fun day – MonoTurqoChrome

    • Maxi dress !! And jumpsuit!! Two outfits I’m never able to lay hands on just because of height issues 😓 do you get short jumpsuits n maxis there? 😞 but yes definitely hunting down the perfect maxi and pairing it with those beads 😀 hehe


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