Six yards of love!


I present to you all the Indian tradional attire – The Saree. Six yards of fabric, one fabulous look 🙂
The typical Indian girl starts wearing a saree in her late teens and as she ages the saree becomes a wardrobe staple. Traditional or not, I’m of the opinion that the saree is the perfect cloth for a woman of any body shape or size simply because it so beautifully lends itself to any type of styling and it can be tied and worn in a completely sensuous way such as these actresses :


Or in simple modest ways like me 😛


Material: A saree can be made of pretty much any material with their prices varying with it. Right from silk to jute to fruit fibers (I once gifted my mom a banana fiber saree, it looked gorgeous btw 😛 ) the variety is abundant. That being said, we often stick to silk for occasions due to its grandeur.


That would be me in a silk saree for a wedding

Parts of a saree: A saree is worn with a blouse which covers the torso. It is wrapped around the waist and tucked into an body hugging skirt. While the lower half of the saree is called the pleats, the portion which comes above the blouse is known as the pallu or the pallav. Funnily, the pallu is, in most cases pleated and pinned up too.


That would be me with my sister and granddad at my cousin’s wedding 🙂

While I ve described how a saree would look when tied in a prim and proper sort of way, I’ve at times experimented quite a bit, be it by stitching fun blouses or by going all out and decking myself up in a very 70s heroine sort of way.
I’ll leave you with a few images of some of my other looks in sarees. 😀



By now you might have gotten a drift of my mad love for this attire. Before you get bored let me stop.! 😛
What did you think about this attire? Liked it? Do tell me 🙂

11 thoughts on “Six yards of love!

  1. I love that you posted about sarees! I have grown up knowing about them because my great grandparents lived in India and when they returned to the states, they brought back several sarees with them.
    They are probably one of my favorite ethnic pieces of clothing, and I always think about them fondly:) 😀 Great post! 🙂


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