Orange is the new black! ~3

Welcome one, welcome all to part 3 of my 4 part post where I romance orange; which in my opinion is a weird color to fall so in love with. Well what can I say, weird people love such weird things. So here we are. 😀




This was one of those days when no one was around at home to take a snap and I had to do it myself 😦 hence the bad selfies.
This is one blouse which is so versatile. I wear it to work where it passes as formals when teamed with my black trousers and it transforms pretty easily as a party wear because of those frills and its general cuteness. 😛 haha.

So, I was heading for a fancy lunch (so I would like to think) last weekend and to get a bit dramatic, I paired this dress with a pair of earrings I absolutely love. A fairly recent acquisition I would say.


Its translucent, reflects light, very shimmery and looks good. 🙂 Thank god for the amazing stuff one can pick up street shopping in India. 😀
The shoes I wore is the same nude pumps I wore for my previous post. A photo for reference anyhow.


Since this is an orange which almost edges on nude there is so much room to get creative with makeup. So I decided to do an elaborate cat-eyes with eyeliner. Came out pretty decently for a first try I must say. But no pictures because such close selfies look plain scary. :/


I think this look is adorable gone awry by my poor photography skills. 😛 (Yes thats boasting covered by subtle Anyway what do you guys think? Do tell me 😉 ❤

9 thoughts on “Orange is the new black! ~3

  1. Not gone awry! You look so awesome and happy in these pictures – an infectious smile I see!

    AH I JUST LOVE YOUR BLOG EVEN MORE WITH ALL DIS ORANGE! Hmm…now do I prefer deep oranges and frillthrills oranges? XD

    I remember those shoes from a previous post! The cut-outs are so pretty 🙂


    • Tee hee hee can’t stop blushing after all those compliments about le me and le blog 😛 thank you sweetie ❤
      Yes since you seem obsessed about colors ur next blog name (fine fine that's a bit too much to ask for I know 😛 ) could be about the various shades of orange I've introduced you too? *pompous me* lol
      And yes I'm lovinggg these shoes too 😀


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