Golden Times Ahead!

One segment I started enthusiastically, but is now dying a slow death is my wants-and-want nots segment. And I thought that was one sustainable segment because of all that million things I’ve wished I have. XD . So does that make me a content and happy person who doesn’t want much? Yes I would certainly like to think so 😉 But now the need to update this segment has really come because my desire to get this product has been there for too long, too strong. 😛 What are they? *Gold watches*


(Picture source : Google images)
Yes. I can’t but turn into that heart-eyed whatsapp smiley after seeing these watches. They are elegant, funky and versatile all at the same time. They have the capability of being the main piece of the look you are sporting. I simply adore them but I am just not finding the time to go to some store and buy them and a bit apprehensive about buying them online.
The watches I’m particularly having my eye on include this one , this one and this one !
Gosh I would have stalked these watches more than celebrities getting stalked and I dont know what is stopping me from actually buying one of these beauties. Soon my friends. Very soon. 🙂

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