Leibster Award ^ 3 !!

Oh Yes!! I was nominated not once not twice but thrice people, thrice for this leibster award and I am nothing short of elated about it. I am indeed honored and so kicked about the fact that three pretty ladies have nominated me for this award. A big shout out to Shauna Swartz of All things recessionista, I think you have an amazing sense of style and I love how you make no bones about loving and adoring your husband and family. Next thank you to the pretty Nessa of That chic fashion blog! I love your detailed style of analyzing fashion related topics and it shows the research gone into each post and your love for writing. And when I was in the process of drafting this post a third nomination came from hidden harmony world and thank you so much for that. It makes me feel so special 🙂


The rules are pretty simple:
  • Write a post answering the questions you have been given
  • Thank and link the blogger(s) who nominated you in them – Done. 🙂
  • Nominate five to eleven other bloggers for this “award”

Since I have been nominated by three people, I have nearly 30 questions to choose from 😛 So without boring you guys with answers to all those questions I choose my favorite questions and answer them 😀

Here we go!

1. How long have you been blogging?

While I have been reading some blogs for a long time now, it took me courage and a lot of self motivation to start a blog of my own in June. So that 2 months ago. (Actually, exactly 2 months since I started on 10th July 2014) Ha!

2. What is the most important thing that you want people to take away from your blog?

I am basically a Chartered Accountant and I started blogging because I wanted to speak to like minded people about fashion and that’s NOT possible especially in my nerdy field of work 😛 So, I would like it for people to like what I write and how I go about writing fashion related posts and also, I would love it if people took back some inspiration to start writing, or doing whatever it is they have been wanting to do but have been putting off just because of their own apprehensions.

3. What is your favorite accessory?

Ha! Nice one 😀 But I can really not be partial to one accessory as such. So Im going to say it depends on each attire and my mood. But I think I can more or less narrow my favorites to statement necklaces and nice heels.

4. Describe your style in three words.

Comfortable, Colorful, Confident (I swear I dint do that C-C-C thing on purpose. 😛 )

5. What is a trend you are loving right now?

Two trends actually! Crossbody purses or messenger bags and neon.!

6. What is you’re everyday makeup look?

I must state, as much as I love clothes, footwear and accessories, I’m a big zero in the make up field. Also, i feel confident only when I have the bare minimum make up on. And that would be eye-liner and kajal (kohl).

7. What is you’re dream career?

Again, its a plural. Careers! Interior designing, events management and fashion designing. Simply put, I think I would do well in the creative field. Er..and yes here I am being a Chartered Accountant. Ya whatever, next question. (For the record, I love my job! 😛 )

8. What is you’re preferred way to style you’re hair?

Another nice question 😀 This hair department, I have a weakness for. I have silky flyaway type of hair and so I seldom leave it lose. However, I love experimenting new styles and my most preferred style is wearing it into a ponytail or plaiting it up. Effective way to get it out of my face!

9. Do you usually focus on your eyes, or you’re lips when applying makeup?

Eyes. Eyes, only eyes. Lips? who lips? what lips? 😛

10. Which camera do you use for blog photography?

Yes. Now is the time to clarify that bit. My blog is full of tacky sad photos because I make my sister click pictures after I come home using my phone. :/ er..yes. Thats that! I cant help it!

11. Most unforgettable beauty or makeup experience?

Its actually the lack of it! I once read a post on some blog as to how make up is like covering your true self, etc and got so inspired by it that I went make up free to office that day. To get two things clarified, 1. By make up, I of course mean only eye liner and Kohl and 2. I have really large, slightly droopy eyes. So the whole day went by with people asking me if I was sick, to which I might or might not have lied saying yes and my manager might or might not have asked me to leave early to take rest and recoup *evil and creepy grin*

12. Place you had best coffee ever?

Haha…knowingly or unknowingly this is a very easy question for me because Indians are known to grow and make the best coffees in the world (after Brazil of course I guess) and all moms and grand moms in the house are pros at making coffee. So the coffee at home is the best coffee I’ve had. 😀

13. Bargain Shopper or Brand Hunter?

A bit of both. Aren’t we all? 🙂

14. Who do you prefer? Rugged men with no/minimal skincare regime or men who use cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream?

Thats a no brainer right there. Woohoo rugged men, who give a damn about skin care, about dressing sense and about their appearance as such seem to intrigue and attract ❤ !

A few bloggers I nominate for this award include:

1. A fellow CA whose blog I happened to chance upon and have loved ever since, A regular Indian girl

2. A new blogger but one who writes like she has been born to do that, Nicola’s Bali Blog

3. the beautiful indian – Four girls each with a distinctive sense of style and amazing attitude.

4. A versatile fashion blogger whose style and choice of clothes, locations and words I am absolutely loving, w in wonderland

5. My internet sister (too bad there is a sister equivalent to “Brother from another mother”), my hi-fi and chest bump buddy and my partner in crime (ya we wish! more like partner in solving calculus!) the one and only Z from deep blue and sea foam greens

My restricted list of five questions to these lovely ladies are :

1. Why do you blog?

2. What is that one crazy thing you’ve done and pretty proud of in your life?

3. If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for?

4. What is your wierdest quirk?

5. The most beautiful outcome of blogging for you has been?

Thanks for patiently reading this long-as-a-saree post you guys. 🙂 Have fun answering my questions!

10 thoughts on “Leibster Award ^ 3 !!

  1. OMG! You’re ” unforgettable makeup experience” is so funny:D I really want to try this one day! (When I’m old enough to get a job at least!)
    Anyways, beautiful post:) I can tell that you’re answers were well though out. Have a nice day!


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