Major sequin crush

Its unfair you guys. Its unfair how some of you have found your perfectly sequined piece to add glamour to your wardrobe when I have searched the lengths of my world in vain.


Wherever and whenever I see an outfit involving sequins I imagine wearing them and immediately I get the image of a dance performance in the middle of which I have come to show off my dance appropriate sequin piece to my minds eye.


That thought disturbs and disgruntles me enough to meekly place that outfit back in its shelf and walk to other familiar shelves silently!!


I have never bought sequins, albeit thinking and dreaming about them half a million times a day, every day. And I choose to end that by Rhonda Byrne’s mechanism of positively wishing for it so that my universe schemes towards making that perfect sequined wardrobe addition I’ve been waiting for pop in front of me!


Using a pop of sequin and still managing to make the whole outfit look like you haven’t tried too hard is pretty achievable is what I gathered when I dug into the Pinterest ocean for sequin outfit inspiration!


photo courtesy : Pinterest

Hope my sequin crazy bug bit you just as hard after seeing all these beautiful outfits and accessories involving the sequin! Happy hunting for your perfect glitter statement piece. Wish me luck while I look for mine!

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