Summer Styles IV/IV – Off to Brunch!

A nice three day weekend only means one thing! A delayed post 😆! But this is a good one so I strongly urge you to read on! 😉

Summers are a definite no pants time! Unfortunately there are only so many options when you try to fully remove pants from your outfit equation! So I sat thinking about how I could sneak pants into this look book and lo and behold! 👇🏾

PALAZZO pants are the answer to all your sweaty qualms! They are comfy airy and totally fit into our “summer no pant but need something like it” condition! 

I went for the boss lady look and the pictures just don’t tell the whole story of how I was giggling in between each shot! 😆

I never usually have the confidence to truly pull off a print on print look but the minute I bought this crop top I knew the abstract patterns and the whites, blues and greys would totally compliment the neat vertical symmerty of these dark blue palazzo pants! 

At last a smile! lol

I absolutely loved the way these pictures have turned out! The blue of the random garage door and the words on it, the casual spread of the dried pink Bougainville and the shadows and sunny spots created by the trees add such a classy charm to the whole setting! Thank you Sneha Chandrashekar (Instagram handle: @purplecurlss) for these spectacular images! 😍 

Outfit Details: Crop top – Stay Fabulous (Facebook), Palazzo Pants – Splash, Heels – Gift from a special person from Zara’s ❤️, Watch – Tommy Hilfiger

Though I came a day late the stuff I brought along were pretty latest right!? 😂 Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I’m so bummed it’s the last of the summer look book series because I had soooo much fun creating it. But fret not I have a couple of really cool blog ideas I’ll be working on very soon! So until next time, ciao! ❤️

What about some Mid-Week Inspiration!?!


Ha.! Fell in love with this quote the minute I saw it.

We all have our apprehensions about doing that little something we have “been meaning to” but are being chicken about actually doing it. Starting trouble they say.!

You think you have it in you to write well? You want to start a blog? Do it! I did!
You think you have some free time and you want to do something for the society? You want to join an NGO? Do it! I did!
You think you need a hobby to get out of work pressure? You think you might be quite artsy? Do it! I did!
Now how’s that for leading by example? 🙂

Notes to myself:
No enough time : its just a farce!
What would people say : honestly, why do you care?
You think you are doing all that you have been wanting to do : the answer is always “no not yet”. Never be content. Never settle. Challenge yourself to do it and to do it better every single time.

Mid week inspiration!



When I sang “count your many blessings name them one by one, then you will be surprised what the lord hath done” in my fifth grade I never understood the meaning of that verse in its truest sense. Now I’m older and wiser (?) and there is so much truth to that line which hits me each time I hum those lines. 🙂
I counted my blessings and today I’m thankful and grateful for –
– Who I am and what I’ve turned out to be.
– The family I’ve been blessed with
– Getting to work with the most wonderful people in my current job and the previous one.
– The lovely friends I’m surrounded with.
– The comfortable peaceful trouble free life I’ve been able to lead thanks to my parents again.
– The professional degree I was able to finish with flying colors
– The fact that I had the courage to start and sustain this blog 🙂
– (most importantly) falling head over heels in love with the most amazing, loving and caring guy in the world! 🙂

While I have counted and listed my major blessings I can at this very moment think of a million tiny everyday joys I’m happy and feel blessed about.
This is such a happy and positive vibe generating exercise which you guys must try 🙂 and maybe list down your blessings as comments on this post? 😀